Summer is a critical time in a child’s life. It’s a time of freedom, campfires, rope swings and S’mores. During their summer adventures, kids want nothing more than to forget about school. Keeping their minds active and in learning mode on their adventures will keep their minds flexible. Who knows? They may even discover a new passion. Here are my favorite summertime discovery adventures.


5 Summer Adventures Of Discovery

Bird watching with your kids is a great anytime anywhere adventure. Get them started by just getting to know the birds around your home or area that you live in. Throw in a few fun facts for them to learn and they will be off to the races and always looking to the sky.

This was one of my favorite games to play while we traveled in the summer. You know before the time of Ipads. It’s all about who can find the license plate from farthest away. On our trips you only got to keep the plate if you could tell some fact about the state. Make up your own rules. It’s a great way to get them to see the countryside as you drive.

This is another fun game for the woods when you’re camping or even just out a day hike. Look around and see what kind tracks you can find and then identify. It helps to carry around little book to help you as you’re just getting started.

Kids are fascinated by what’s living in the extraordinary world under the water. It’s one of the greatest summer adventures that there is.There are many ways to explore this world, for most snorkeling comes to mind immediately. If your little one is not quite ready for that, might I suggest the Aquascope. A wonderful device that lets them explore the world beneath them from the safety of the surface.

Bug’s. You love ’em or you hate ’em, right?  I know growing up I had a fascination with bugs and insects of every variety. It’s a good thing for our kids to learn about the different types of bugs out there and the vital roles they play in our ecosystems.  Nancy B’s Science Club® Bug Discovery Lab & Incredible Insects Journal has everything a budding Entomologist might need to collect, observe and learn about bugs!

nancy b

Thanks to people like those at Educational Insights, there are these amazing kits like Nancy B’s Science Club® Bug Discovery Lab & Incredible Insects Journal. This awesome kit comes with a portable terrarium with soft plastic handle, built-in 2x and 3x magnifiers, breathing holes, and mirrored bottom, a pit trap with funnel, designed specifically to attract and catch insects, an exclusive, one-of-a kind Bug Catcher with easy insect catch-and-release, and breathing holes for up-close observation and a 22-Page activity journal.  You should also check out the AquaScope, which let’s you explore underwater worlds from above the surface with an ingenious use of focusable magnifying lenses. These are just a few ways to make every adventure a learning experience. What’s your favorite summer adventure of discovery memory?

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