make your exercise plan fun

For many of us, the new year brings those traditional resolutions we make and try hard to stick with. Studies show it takes 66 days of continuous implementation of a plan for it to become effective. Sadly, the average length of time someone puts into a new routine is 24.5 days. With those statistics, it is easy to see how many of us fail at those resolutions we make for ourselves. One of the toughest resolutions to stick to is exercising. To me, exercise is repetitive and boring. Who wants to do something they do not enjoy especially if it makes you all sweaty! What we need is a way to lighten up the boring routine! Here are a few tips to do just that.

3 Tips To Make Exercising More Fun Pin

3 Tips To Make Exercising More Fun

  1. Buddy Up: Exercising is always more fun if you have a friend to workout with. If you cannot find a workout buddy, join a group activity like a Zuma class or a running group. This way you can either cheer each other on and have someone to chat to/laugh with.
  2. Clothing Matters: Brighten up your exercise routine with some colorful workout apparel. Add some pops of neon, which is hot right now. Wear a bright pink top with black shorts or buy yourself a pair of bright neon yellow running shoes! They say the brighter the color the peppier the step!
  3. Tunes: Nothing makes a workout more fun than an upbeat playlist! I am one of those people that can just zone out and listen to the beats. I will even forget that I am walking for exercise cause I am dance-walking to the base beats. I have been known to get so engrossed in my music, I have ended up 5 miles from home when I only intended to walk 3!



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How do you make your exercise plan fun?