Make Your Opinion Count

Studies have shown that women take up an astonishing 80% of consumer spending. When broken down, women were the group that spent the most money on household items. The study further found that the average household spent 25% of their budget on household products. Bearing these statistics in mind, advertisers direct the bulk of their budget to targeting women. The next time you watch television, pay attention to the commercials and see who the ads are geared towards. You will see cleaning products, diapers, toys, fashion, cosmetics and so much more. So, if women are the biggest spenders, why are we not being heard when it comes to what we think about products? As it turns out, although we spend the most, our opinions are not taken into account on a very large scale. In order to give us a voice, a new online company called SoRave is giving us a voice in what we think of products on the market right now.

Make Your Opinion Count With SoRave

SoRave is a program that helps people find the best products as well as services. The way the products are rated are from consumers who have used the items. SoRave is very easy to join as you just need to set up an account that takes no more than a minute or so to complete. Once you have set up your account you can search for products from the convenient tabs located at the top of the screen. You can either look for products you are interested in knowing what others thought. You can follow categories and people who are “Raving” about products they love. To make it even easier, you can arrange to have alerts sent to your email box each day if these people recommend a new product. This saves you a ton of time do a bunch of internet searches to find the best products in the category you are interested in. For bloggers and website owners, you can recommend products yourself. Here are the 4 easy steps for locating products on SoRave:

  1. Click on tags (categories) or you can do a search for products you want to learn about.
  2. When you find a product, you just click on it and it gives you more details and you can see who has recommended it.
  3. If you see someone whose Raves you like, you can clock to follow them.
  4. It is easy to manage the people you are following and you can also keep up with Ravers who are trending, by clicking “connect” in the top menu.

I decided to look for “food” and several products popped up. Each product has a list of tags under it, like “organic”, “natural” and “vegan”. Under the picture of the product, I can choose to “watch” or “ignore” and in the top right corner of the picture  you can also “rave” the product if you have tried it and loved it. By supporting one another by interacting with the program, you are able to make your opinion count with SoRave. You can find my feed in my side bar of the products I have recommended on SoRave or check out my SoRave wall!

You can win a $150 Visa gift card by joining SoRave and interacting with me and/or creating your own Raves. The more you interact, the better your chances are at winning! You can interact in different ways every day during the contest, so keep coming back!


  1. The travel makeup bag would be cool for me when I go on my trip to LA in a week! Would be really helpful!

  2. How do we rave about an item if we’ve raved about everyone on there? I guess we only claim those points for the number of items you have on the rave board?

  3. Commented on Rave as sarahjd766 and I’m following you on Twitter as @miss_moneymaker
    Thanks for the chance.

  4. This reminds me of a commercial they play a lot here for “Angie’s List.” It is only for services by professionals instead of products but has the same premise about it. You rate things based on your experience with them. I think it is helpful for people who are thinking of investing in something new.

  5. some of the things that i was shown on the Rave site i have never heard of but are proably are out there . their are products on the shelf that need to be tried for consumers to try so the companies can make money so they should give samples out in stores of their products for customers to try only the food

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