Make Your Own Snack Box With NatureBox

I am a HUGE snacker and if you saw me in a pair of jeans lately, it is very apparent! After work, my dad would lay on the couch watching Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone (No, that is not where Edward and Bella live now) and eating Charles Chips out of the can. My sister and I would sit at the side of the couch next to him drinking Pepsi out of the glass bottle and sneaking chips. My mom was a big pretzel eater, so I think I got my love for those from her. I think I just love to munch and crunch on just about anything tasty! As I am on my quest to get healthy, with that goes changes in eating habits. Instead of giving up on snacking all together, I have decided to just snack smarter. I have been going for a more organic and all natural route and have found I actually like granola and other health snacks. How excited do you think I was when I found out you were able to make your own snack box with NatureBox? NatureBox is a monthly snack food subscription service has some of the yummiest snacks on the planet.

Make Your Own Snack Box

I think the idea of a monthly subscription box of anything is pretty clever, but if it is filled with food, that is downright brilliant! NatureBox is right up my alley because they want to help you eat healthier without changing how you eat. I did not know this until I read it on the NatureBox website, but the average American gets 25% of their daily calories from snacking and it is the leading cause of childhood obesity. One thing I depend on with NatureBox is that everything in their boxes are made from wholesome ingredients and are nutritionist approved. Each box is only $19.95 and shipping is free, and you can pause your subscription or stop it anytime you want (but why would you?!). If you do not absolutely love your box, you are welcome to a full refund, but never fear, you will not need one!

Something I am in love with is the option to make your own snack box from the NatureBox food index. You can choose 5 items from their huge variety of healthy, 100% natural and delicious snacks. I chose the: Blueberry Nom Noms, Sticks and Stones, Garden Tomato Crunchies, Granny Smith Apples, and the Apple Orchard Granola. My favorite is the sticks and stones with its sesame sticks, almonds, sesame seeds and cashews. I am also partial to the Blueberry Noms Noms because they are so amazing with your morning coffee and the name is funny! I also wanted to share with you about WhyHunger and the mission NatureBox is on with them. In addition to donating money to the cause, NatureBox also donates boxes of healthy snacks directly to WhyHunger. This organization is working towards solving the problem of hunger and poverty in the world by working with community-based organizations, emergency food providers and summer meal programs for low-income children.

One USA reader will receive one NatureBox monthly snack box ($19.95).


  1. Can’t get enough of the dried pears. Love to golf and walk and I love to put them in my golf bag, and gdreat for extra energy.

  2. it is so hard to just choose one product! of course the lemon pucker pistachios, but the carrot chips look yummy as do the country ranch peas! the chipotle maple almonds make my mouth water! thanks for such a yummy giveaway!

  3. What a super prize! You know, good food just TASTES better, for real! Once one is a healthy eater- the junk food is not as good nor satisfying. What a great idea Nature box would be for a gift for a family. Something they would look forward to! I love everything I have looked at in their various boxes.. and WOW would I myself LOVE to try the Maui Onion Crunch that is in The August box. LOL The kids would NOT get to that one first. I would

  4. I would like to try the Picnic Season box. This would be great for outings to the zoo or park during the summer.

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