Color matching is a process that is time consuming for interior designers, architects, paint contractors and home renovators. Sometimes it can take up to 4-hours just to go through paint fan decks and match the closest color to the wall! Even then, the color is not always accurate. When using dated technology, like paint chips and fan decks, ambient lighting can hinder the process of accurate color selection. Depending on the lighting of the space, the colors you are trying to match will look different than the actual paint you select. Shadows, florescent lighting, and even cloudy skies can change our perception of the colors around us – meaning, the color you select can actually lead to a costly repaint! Wouldn’t it be great if we could convert that 4-hour process to a quick few minutes with accurate results?  Well, with this pocket-sized tool, you can bring your color matching to the 20th century!


Tips On How To Use The Nix Pro Color Sensor

  1. Download the free Nix app on iOS or Android
  2. Scan any surface or object with the Nix Pro and the color will immediately be sent to your phone
  3. Save the color or match to a selected brand. Each match will provide the paint brand, collection and number.
  4. Head to the store to buy the exact paint you need for touch-ups, remodels, renovations, and more. Say goodbye to costly errors!
  5. See an inspirational color? Save it to your phone using the Nix Pro Color Sensor!

nix2The Nix Pro Color Sensor is a unique color tool developed by Nix Sensor Ltd. for  interior designers, graphic designers, DIY crafters , architects, paint contractors and color enthusiasts But what makes the Nix Pro special you ask? It’s a unique and portable device that pairs with a smartphone app for iOS and Android, and allows you to scan any surface such as painted walls, plastics, fabrics, leathers– you name it!

nix3The device gives you the exact digital color values in CMYK, RGB, LAB, HEX and more. Once a color is scanned, you can save it to your smartphone through the Nix Sensor mobile app, share it on social media, and match it to popular paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux. With more than 11,000 colors in the app database, it’s the perfect solution to color matching and designer needs!

How do you color match?