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I have been trying to rally my family around the healthy way of eating school of thought. I will be the first to admit that we have a goo gob ton of snack foods at any given time on our house. We almost always have a frozen treat or two in the freezer and koolaid, chips and probably cookies in the pantry. Since becoming a nurse and trying to lose some extra weight, I am trying to find healthy alternatives to our sweets we love to indulge in. I know it is really important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer, and my kids and I do not always get enough to drink. When we are going to the park or the pool for a few hours, I will make them a fruit smoothie. This way they get important nutrients, vitamins and are hydrated. Then we grab a bottle of water, and we are good to go. For me, the easiest way of making healthy drinks at home are with my awesome products from Blender Bottle.
Making Healthy Drinks At Home

Making Healthy Drinks At Home

If you have ever joined a weight loss program, you may have received one of the bottles with the little round whisk thing that mixes everything together. Well, that is what the blender bottle is but ever so much cooler! You can add powder and liquid, snap the lid closed and give it a few hard shakes and you have a lovely and healthy drink. One of my favorite drinks is to take frozen yogurt, skim milk and fresh fruit. I shake it up really well and it is like a fresh fruit smoothie/milkshake. My kids make their water and flavor packets together in their Blender Bottles, I use them to mix puddings and creamy soups and a ton of other things in the kitchen. They are unbelievably handy and travel well, so I can take them on the road with me. For mroe recipe ideas, you can visit the recipe page at Blender Bottle for some great suggestions.

One of my new favorite products from Blender Bottle is the new GoStack. This ingenious little product are durable little jars to carry all sorts of goodies on the go. You can carry powders for drinks, vitamins, snacks, fruits and more. This is great for your pre and post workouts at the gym or when you go for a run. Each small container connects to another and then they are all secured at the top. It is slender and fits easily into your lunch or gym bag and rinses easily for your next use. You are going to want to get one of these!!! For all of your Blender Bottle products, you can purchase them on their website.

One USA reader will win a Full Color Classic Blender Bottle ($8.99), one GoStak $12.99,  and one Recipe Book ($12.99 ) (ARV $34.97)


  1. I would love the Blender Bottle GoStak !!! This is perfect for my entire family, quick, easy to use and even perfect for my three year old to be independent with!! Thanks again for this amazing giveaway

  2. I like the Blender bottle for my drinks, so I can take them with me and not have to gulp them down or leave them in the fridge to get thick and awful tasting!!

  3. I love both the Blender Sport Mixer and the GoStak! I would use the GoStak so much! My son is a very picky eater, but he likes healthy foods, like tomatoes, grapes, raisins and the like, so this would come in handy for me to pack a little bit of everything for him! They only have 15 minutes for lunch at his school and he doesn’t always have time to eat a ton, but at least this way he could have a variety!! Thanks so much, these products are AMAZING!!!!

  4. Have not tried before but would love to have the chance to try any of them!! 🙂 thank you for the chance

  5. I love the Blender Bottles. The bright sky blue one is so fun. After watching the video at the site I want to go out and be a little crazy. Going to Hana this weekend, maybe I’ll jump off a waterfall or stop on the way back and ride a zipline. Whoohoo!

  6. I love the sport mixer. I seriously take my bottle everywhere and it’d be so handy to have a hook on the lid to carry or clip on my pack. I didn’t realize they made them!

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