Make Safety Fun For Kids
I think in order to get my kids to wear their protective gear; I should try to make safety fun for kids.  We live on a dead end street, so I feel at ease the kids won’t get hit by a car.  What I am concerned about is their falling and sustaining a head injury.  My Caitlin has the grace and coordination of her mother and Henry has a love for speed.  When you put those together, you have a recipe for disaster!  I cringe every time I hear the words “Race You Slow Poke”.  I wanted to see if I could find some ideas to make safety fun, so I thought I would let my friend Google help me out.  Here are just a few of the many choices I found:

Making Safety Fun For Kids

Make It A Group Thing:  It is always wise to travel in pairs or in a group whenever possible.  Not only do kids tend to have more fun when with their siblings or friends, there is always safety in numbers.  Of the 800,000 children abducted each year, virtually all were taken when alone.  There is a less than 1% change of more than one child being taken at one time.

Know Your Limits: The highest number of emergency room visits for children are from falls on a playground.  Sadly, many of these injuries could have been prevented had the child stayed within a safe zone.  When you take your kids to the playground, go over the areas you consider safe to play within.  The two areas most likely to cause an injury are the swings and the monkey bars, so emphasize the importance of staying within a safe height.

Fohawx Kids
Protective Gear:  When your kids are planning on skateboarding, skating or bike riding, make sure they wear their protective gear.  The two rules of thumb are to make sure all the pads and helmets fit and are worn correctly.  If an elbow pad is halfway down their forearm, it won’t do much good for protecting the elbow!  I know my kids hate to wear their helmets and pads, so I found a really fun accessory that will have your kids begging to wear their helmets!  Fohawx is a company that has designed a clever and fun way to entice your kids to always wear their helmet and to do it in style!

Cool Helmet Accessories For Kids

Cool Helmet Accessories For Kids

When I first saw the cool helmet accessories for kids that the people at Fohawx had designed, I knew I had to have one.  On a segment of the Today show, Kathy Lee and Hoda were shown samples of the Fohawx.  It is no surprise there has been a lot of buzz about this awesome company!!  My kids are pretty good about wearing a helmet, but sometimes I need to remind them to put them on before they go out the door.  If my kids are outside, they are using on their skates or bikes, so they have their protective gear right by the back door.  The products from Fohawx are just brilliant!  I have never seen anything as clever as these easy to put on helmet toppers! For $19.99, you can choose from 3 interchangeable designs; WAVZ, PUNKROX, and DREDLOX.  Henry chose the very cool WAVZ and Caitlin chose the pink PUNKROX.  The Fohawx are easy to apply; you just peel off the protective strip and stick it on top of the helmet.  Easy Peasy!  The kids had a blast showing off their Fohawx and we had a lot of kids in the neighborhood complaining to their parents that they wanted a cool helmet like the Hutchinson kids did!

One reader will win their choice of one Fohawx ($19.99)

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