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Making Yogurt At Home With The Kids Is Fun

Some of my fondest memories are standing at my grandmother’s side watching her work in the kitchen. She may not have had us entirely involved in the process, but she always explained things as she went. We loved watching her cook, clean, tinker and just move about the kitchen. She was the original domestic goddess in our opinion! Although Gram has been gone for 20 years now, I still remember those times as if they were yesterday. I have passed down my memories to my children, both in stories and in practicing what my grandmother showed me. We can get pretty creative in the kitchen and we love to make meals together as well as other things. We have recently received a really fun item called the EasiYo, which allows you to make yogurt at home. Not only is making your own yogurt at home fun, but it saves you money as well.

Making Yogurt At Home With The Kids Is Fun

My kids can eat some yogurt! Since they were very little, we have always fed them yogurt. I love to serve it as a snack with fruit, cook with it and eat it as a late night snack when it has been frozen. When the EasiYo system came, the kids and I could not wait to open it up and get started! I can tell you that making yogurt at home with the kids is fun, easy and economical with the EasiYo. It is hard to believe that Len Light, the creator of the EasiYo got his idea for the product from making his own home brew. Len and his wife Kathy had a house full of kids in New Zealand and saw a need to make yogurt in bulk before they went to the yogurt poorhouse. What they came up with was the brilliantly easy and delicious all in one yogurt making system.

We received the Family Kit which came with the white yogurt maker, 1 kg yogurt jar, several yogurt powdered sachet packets, fruit topping and a cookbook. Making the yogurt is really easy. You open a sachet packet (we chose vanilla) and pour it into the yogurt jar with cool water and mix it up. Then you put the yogurt maker together and add boiling water. You place the yogurt jar into the yogurt maker and close it up. The jar stays inside the yogurt maker overnight, at which time you can put the yogurt jar into the fridge and chill it. Once it is chilled it is ready to eat and the kids LOVE it! They gobbled this yogurt up in about 20 minutes, which is a lot of yogurt! You can purchase your EasiYo online from their website for $89.00.

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