Boys on the dog bed

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Nature’s Sleep headquarters yesterday. I am going to tell you the story, but I will start at the end. I was gone all day, and my kids missed me tons. As soon as I walked in the door, they jumped and hugged my legs. They were very interested in the big box in my hands, so we opened it in the hallway. I really did not even get to make it to the living room they were so curious. Marc, the founder of Nature’s Sleep gave my sweet aging dog, Fenway, his very own cloud to sleep on! The boys, of course, thought it was theirs and now they have their own family bed! Good thing the memory foam bed for dogs was large enough to hold them all. Fenway was able to relax a bit after the kids gathered around to hear the accounts of my day which I will share with you below.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

When I arrived at Nature’s Sleep, you could tell it was a dog friendly environment as their three little dogs all greeted me at the door before the humans did. Marc had created the dog bed for his dogs because they always stole his pillow! The neat feature of these beds is that they are filled with several layers of a visco foam material. If you are lucky enough to get one of these dog beds, if it arrives all clumped up, just fluff it back to a normal shape. The beds are designed this way for the benefit of your pet. I know Fenway sure likes to move material around and nest (usually in my laundry) to make the bed more like home. Since coming home with this memory foam dog bed, Fenway has not left it which is why the kids go visit him! The dog beds will be available on the Nature’s Sleep website shortly so stay tuned!

Memory Foam Mattresses

After meeting the Nature’s Sleep Family, Alan gave me a product highlight tour and taught me about the products they offer and how to choose the best one for an individual. Scroll through the images below to learn about Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattresses, and what I learned.

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Memory Foam Pillows

One of the most valuable things I learned while at Nature’s Sleep was how to pick my perfect memory foam pillow! Alan was very kind and took the time to help me figure out which one was right for me. I laid down on the memory foam mattress bed and fell asleep! No just kidding, I wanted to it was so amazing, but Alan put a pillow under my head and asked if I like choice A or choice B just like at the eye doctor. He went through the variety of pillows and had me lay as I did normally while sleeping. Side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers all require different needs from their pillow.

faux downFirst I tried the Faux Down pillow. While ultra comfy, this was not the pillow for me. It was extremely soft and fluffy much like a down pillow. This pillow is made for stomach and side sleepers and is perfect for those who bunch up their pillows like my husband. As a matter of fact, he is sleeping on one right now and is in love! It has an inner and outer cover which is great for ease of washing and is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant. Ew…side note..dust mites, dead skin! YUCK! Did you know you are supposed to replace your pillow every 3 years! This was also one of my son’s favorite choices. He loves a squishy pillow, but he actually opted for the next choice. You can purchase a Faux Down Pillow for $80, but do not forget the 50% off code! BEARS50

visco-lite pillowsThe Viscolite was the next pillow I had tried. It was firmer than the Faux Down, but still too soft for me. I could tell, however, that it supported my head and it was very soft. I was very impressed with the covers of the Nature’s Sleep pillows. You will not want to put a pillow case on them because they are so soft and pretty. My son loves this pillow. He is a mover when he sleeps and likes a firm, but squishable pillow. No matter how much you squish the Viscolite it always bounces back to it’s original shape. He sleeps on his side and stomach but doesn’t like sleeping with the squishier pillow. He did state the Faux Down was perfect for cuddling, but the Viscolite was a perfect choice for him! You can purchase the Viscolite for $80.


Finally, we tried the ViTex2. I was in heaven. I felt an immediate release of the tension in my neck. I did not even know it hurt that bad until I felt the absence of the pain. You know how your body learns to live with a certain level of pain, and after a while it just dulls out. When I had my nexk adjusted properly (for me) on the ViTex2, it felt like stress and tension just melted away. The description of the ViTex2 reads,”Latex-like recovery that uniquely responds to your body temperature and weight to naturally reduce stress and pain for a better night’s sleep.” and can not be a truer statement. After my first night’s sleep with the ViTex2, my neck was actually not stiff and aching. I slept soundly from midnight until 6 am which is amazing for me. I wake up usually 7 or 8 times a night. I slept so soundly that when my husband got up to go to the bathroom, I thought he was just coming to bed at 6 am and I asked him if he fell asleep on the couch! He snores. Loudly! which is a large part of why I normally wake up, so either his new pillow stopped his snoring or my pillow was so comfortable. I did not care! Either way, I got a full 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It is no wonder this pillow is so perfect. This was the brain child of Marc Werner after his multiple surgeries. It is designed for back and side sleepers, which I am, and Consists of all the benefits inherent in a Visco pillow plus the bouncier feel of a Latex pillow. After I declared, the ViTex2 as my pillow of choice, Alan even went one step further and turned it around backwards for me to adjust the neck angle. Pure bliss. I am so very thankful I am now a Nature’s Sleep blogger. On that note, they are still looking for bloggers to join their Blogger Outreach. If you want a chance to experience memory foam comfort, fill out this form: Nature’s Sleep Blogger Outreach.


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