Marriott American Girl Package

When I was a little girl, my sister and I had friends who collected Barbie dolls. The girl down the street had what seemed like hundreds of them, all in cases. We could not figure out why she would have so many dolls she could not even play with. We decided it may be because her mom thought she would play too rough like my sister and I did with ours. Within a few hours of getting a new Barbie, my sister and I would be cutting our dolls hair, putting mom’s make up on them and tossing them down the stairs. When my oldest daughter was just a few years old, my mom gave her an American Girl doll and it was so delicate and beautiful, all I wanted to do was put it in a case to protect it! I know, full circle, right?! Chelsea collected a few of the dolls and my youngest daughter has had her fair share as well.

The American Girl Suite Is A Little Girl's Dream Come True

If you are not familiar, the American Girl doll is a wildly popular line of dolls produced by the Pleasant Company. The series of dolls represent girls who are in the 8-11 age range from different places around the world. The dolls comes with a book, which initially focused on different points in history, but are now more modern. You can also buy from a huge line of clothing and accessories to keep your little girl flush with ways to dress up her doll for hours. What a delight for us when we found there was a Marriott American Girl Package at the Alpharetta, GA location. We were going to be in town to visit my oldest daughter and it was perfect for Caitlin, who was celebrating her 16th birthday.


When you arrive at the Marriott in Alpharetta, you are immediately and warmly welcomed by the staff. Now, the south is known for their hospitality, but this went above and beyond that. We arrived early and our room was unavailable as it was still occupied. Instead of telling us to wait patiently, which is what 99.9% of the hotels would do, the staff bent over backwards to get us another American Girl room. We were checked in and ready to start our #AmericanGirlExperience within 15 minutes of arriving at the hotel.


Before going up to our room, Caitlin was given the VIG (Very Important Girl) treatment, which was absolutely adorable! She did her best runway model walk and gave her best VIG pageant wave! She was then given a personalized card and her VIG card, which entitled her to a snack from the snack bar during the trip. And let me tell you, this is one of the most intense snack bars I have ever seen as it is filled to the gills with treats, tokens and souvenirs. Because she is a sweet girl and this trip was all about her, Caitlin actually let her brother choose a snack!


The American Girl Suite is like nothing I have ever seen! It is pink, which Caitlin and I loved and my husband and Henry were skeptical about! Oddly enough, once we got settled in the room, Henry was right at home on those super comfortable beds! The room we stayed in had two double beds, which was perfect for our needs and your little girl even gets a American Girl® doll-sized travel bed to keep! We went out to dinner that first night and when we returned, Caitlin and her doll has cookies and milk for a night snack!

The rooms range in price from $139 to $230 per night, depending on the package and day you stay with the Marriott Alpharetta. You will also receive complimentary breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids, which was absolutely delicious. We were able to choose from cereal to biscuits in gravy to made to order omelettes, pancakes and waffles.


Something I completely appreciate and hardly ever see in a hotel, is complementary WiFi. I usually work while I am on the road and I hate to pay from $15 to $30 per night for WiFi. Another thing the kids were super stoked about was the indoor and outdoor pools. Most hotels only have the outdoor pool and when you are staying somewhere off season, you cannot go swimming. Also, most hotels, especially in a larger city, offer valet parking for their guests, which can cost anywhere from $8-$32 dollars PER NIGHT! Not at the Marriott Alpharetta! You have free hotel parking for guests in a well lit lot which was large enough to offer ample parking for the guests.


If it is libations you want, the Marriott Alpharetta has a lovely fully stocked bar. There is plenty of comfortable seating to relax and enjoy yourself and even watch the game. The lobby also has plenty of comfortable seating and a large screen TV, which my husband and Henry watched the game while Caitlin and I checked in. If you are looking for a romantic weekend away, a place to hold your next business meeting or to offer a bank of rooms for your wedding party, this is the place to go. The Marriott is located just 5 miles from the amazing North Point Mall, where the American Girl Boutique and Bistro is also located. As I said, I am from Atlanta, and I love the Alpharetta area. It is full of great shopping, businesses, restaurants and with Georgia 400 close by, you are just minutes from downtown Atlanta. When you stay with the Marriott Alpharetta, you can use your AAA card for discounts as well as your Marriott Rewards points. No matter the reason, Marriott Alpharetta is the solution! The next time we are in Atlanta, I would love to stay in one of the rooms at the Marriott Alpharetta. Be sure to follow the Marriott Alpharetta on Twitter and use the hashtag #AmericanGirlExperience when tweeting about the American Girl Suite Package!

Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta
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