Maximize Your Weight Loss With GOLO

If you are one of the millions of people who are struggling with weight loss, you are obviously not alone. According to the CDC, 35.7% of Americans are obese, which means 1 our of 3 people. Not only is being obese unhealthy, it is also costly by a large amount. In that same study from the CDC, obese patients pay an additional $1,429 in annual medical costs than those who are not obese. Some of the diseases obese people can experience are heart disease, stroke and Type II Diabetes.

Physically, this people who are obese have more medical problems and chronic pain with their back, legs, knees and ankles. Knee replacement surgery is seen in more obese patients than those who are not due to the constant pressure from the added weight. For many of those who are obese, they have struggled to maximize their weight loss which would bring them out of the obese category. One weight loss program that people are seeing great results is GOLO. With the complete GOLO system, you could see positive results in weight loss as well as restoring your metabolism. I also wear my GOLO bracelet every day to remind me that I am working towards a goal. It is a fashionable way to keep me on track!

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Maximize Your Weight Loss

With the GOLO plan, the developers focused on 3 problems they felt needed to be dealt with for long term weight loss success. The 3 problem areas are overproduction of insulin and blood sugar, poor insulin performance, and emotional eating and cravings from stress and mood. More than 200 different studies have been done on the Rescue Pak supplements for their safety and effectiveness.  Because we yo-yo diet so often, our bodies are experiencing insulin resistance. This makes us gain weight and hang on to it instead of losing it. So for many overweight Americans, you are not doing anything wrong, your body is! So, in order to maximize your weight loss, the GOLO plan works to reverse this issue. The Rescue Pak supplements in the kit work on 3 different areas to help with losing your weight, which are:

  • Control: This slows down the digestion of fat to help lower your appetite hunger. By preventing the digestion of added fat, they will bypass being absorbed by your system. This will in turn lower the insulin production and fat storage.
  • Release: Works on your insulin performance to help you stop from gaining weight. By using stored fat for energy, when their is an energy shortage, fat will be released instead of hung on to.
  • Balance: This will help you with those cravings we all have. By helping your body maintain the levels of serotonin and dopamine, your emotional triggers are reduced, therefore lowering the emotional eating impulses.


I was sent the GOLO 90 Day Rescue Plan which is a kit that includes what you need to help you lose that weight for once and for all. You are given a roadmap to keep you focused and on track, the Metabolic Fuel Matrix, which combines foods in your meals that work together and the Rescue Pak supplements. You are also provided with a small carrying case to carry your pills so you don’t have an excuse for not taking them. With the online tools and information, you have access to what you need to help explain the process and answer questions you may have. With the GOLO Perfect 5 and Fitness, you are given exercises that will speed up that metabolism in just minutes a day! I took the over the door exercise system with me when I was travelling. It is easy to stay on track with all of the portable tools provided. I have been on the program for a short time, but with daily use of the products as directed, I could lose more pounds, inches and dress and pants sizes than without it. You can purchase the GOLO 90 Day Rescue Plan from their website for 6 payments of $29.95.


  1. I did not see any additional supplements on the site. Only one bottle and couple of books. Has the plan changed? I am looking for information from people who have tried the product before ordering. Did you loose?

  2. Great Mother’s day present – NOT. Ordered this for my Mom at her request after she saw the ad on tv. She did not like the product after giving it a shot for over 2 weeks. Said it made her tired and irritable. Called the GoLo company to see about getting a refund. Their policy is 30 days FROM THE DATE YOU ORDER!! So tell me why a company offering a BONAFIDE weight loss product would have in essence a NO REFUND policy. Because they are crooks and KNOW their product does NOT work and WILL NOT refund your money. 30 days from the date of order (they could technically take 29 days to deliver it and then you would be totally screwed) Even half way legit companies selling weight loss products give more than a 30 trial period!! I would have rather put $90 on a roulette table. Better odds.

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