Llama Land

Today it was still drizzling, but I promised the boys a treasure hunt! So, off we went to the local geocache, llama land. It is funny how much fun treasure hunting can be even in the rain. This time my gps on my phone was working, and I was confident it would be an easy find. HA!

Well, seems “clump of palm trees” is kind of an ambiguous clue in Florida. The geocache coordinates were posted on the wrong side of the road and it started to rain a bit more. I had the kids stay in the car because the cache was located on the side of a road and I did not want them to wander in the street. When I rummaged around the right clump of palm trees I found a well-hidden, very wet cache. The container on the left was immersed in the puddle (container of water) on the right. It was full of roaches and critters and smelled just divine! Not! I emptied out the water and the geocahce was ruined inside. It was all moldy and slimy. I tried to see if the log would be singable, but it was not. I returned the cache to the hole and rehid it for the next geocahcer. I did, however, make a needs maintenance report. I think it is a great idea that you have the option to do so!Wet Geocahce

We did not let the ruined cache or the rainy day let our time be ruined. Look what was right across the street! Llamas! How neat is that? I drove around to the other side so the boys could look at all the llamas and ponies with promises to come back when the sun was out with carrots to feed them. It was a fun outing and tomorrow we are planning to go to Manatee Park!

Llama Land Geocache

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