The Importance Of Honesty When On Your Medifast Food Plan

Medifast Diet Plan Review

I am on week 9 of my Medifast diet plan review program and I am down 15 pounds (I think!!). I am sporting a bright red walking cast from two torn ligaments in my right foot, so it was a bit tricky to weigh myself!!  I am excited about being a part of the Medifast family for more reasons than the weight loss.  I have found a support group that I have never had with any other plan I have tried and that is making a huge difference for me.  Most of us have at least one person in our lives that we are able to be completely ourselves with.  For some of us that is our spouse, a parent, friend, child, mentor or other significant person.  I bet you immediately pictured your “go-to” person as you read this didn’t you?!  Fortunately, I have two of those people with Medifast; Alexandra and Renee.  Renee is always there to answer questions, show support and cheer me on.  Alexandra, my nutritionist always has great information she will send me, helps me with my goals and is my biggest cheerleader!  What I love most about Alexandra is that there is absolutely no judgment there and for me, that is huge. I fell off the wagon more than a few times over the holidays and I was really down about it.  I am an emotional eater, so with the stress of the holidays and my injury, I found myself slipping back into bad habits.  In the past, I would have gotten so down on myself I would have stopped the program all together and give up.  Instead, I dusted myself off and I knuckled down and got back on track.  When Alexandra and I corresponded last week, she was very supportive and reiterated to me how there was no judgment on her end.  What a relief it is to have someone remind you that you are human and it is ok to not be perfect.  I grew up with a mother who was very judgmental and was always on me about my weight.  My mom and my sisters are all very thin and they were always happy to point out how big my butt was or how my pants were too tight and my mom would even smack my belly and say, “Suck it up Kelly. Your gut is showing”.  I know, right?!  No wonder I am so good at beating myself up when I fall off the wagon once in a while!  What a breath of fresh air, and I must say a bit strange to have someone who is the complete opposite!  I am still getting used to that one!!  I told Alexandra that I would be on a business trip for almost a week and I was worried about eating on the road.  Not only did she give me some great suggestions, but she also praised me for thinking ahead!!  With a support system that is that solid and positive and a variety of food that really does taste great, I know I will get this 100 pounds off before the next New Year comes.  To keep up with the latest from Medifast, Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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