Medifast Week Ten – Staying On Your Food Plan When Traveling

This marks week ten on my Medifast plan and I am holding steady at 15 pounds lost.  I maintained this week with no loss or gain, and I am happy with that.  I was in Las Vegas this past week and I was nervous about how I would be able to stick with my food plan while I was there.  I emailed with my nutritionist, Alexandra, and she gave me some great suggestions that would help me stay the course.  One of my favorite aspects of the Medifast plan is that it can travel with you quite easily.  The resort we stayed at had a mini kitchen in the room which included a fridge and microwave.  I took several of my bars as well as eggs, mac and cheese and pudding.  While I was working during the day, I had a few bars with me so that when I got hungry, I could eat one of those with a bottle of water and I was good to go.  Alexandra told me if it made it easier for me, I could design my food choices in a way that would keep me within my parameters of the program.  With Medifast, you typically eat 5 times per day of program food and one meal is a lean and green.  She told me if it worked better for me, I could do two lean and green meals, and that took a huge burden off my shoulders.  We were given a free boxed lunch each day and by changing a few things about the meal, I was able to eat smart without going crazy!  For example, day one we were given a roast beef sandwich, chips, fruit, a cookie and water.  For the sandwich, I took away one piece of the bun as well as half of the meat because there was so much of it.  I gave away the cookie and ate half of the baked chips, the apple and drank my water.  I was full and felt very satisfied for the entire day.  Once I got back to my hotel room, I was able to make my eggs or mac and cheese and was good to go until the next day.  I was so excited to see that I could handle being on the road without going off my food plan like a crazy person!!  Once I got home, I was able to easily transition back to my schedule without feeling any guilt about how I ate while I was gone.  Thanks Alexandra!!!

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