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Microsoft Windows 8 In The Kitchen #WindowsChampions

I am the queen of multi-tasking like most moms. So, when Microsoft gave me the opportunity to work with Windows 8, I jumped at the chance. Think about it. Windows 8, to me, was famous for the ability to have a touch screen and a keyboard mouse. I have the best of both worlds. Touching a screen in this day and age has become second nature for most of us. In fact, my 4 year old tries to change the channel by swiping the television screen.  Its cute, but it also shows me: YES we ARE that integrated! Good thing! As many of my readers know, I have been dabbling into the culinary arts. I have also been on a weight loss journey in which I drag my culinary talent and readers along the journey with me. As of late, I have been all caveman and trying the Paleo diet. This takes a ton of research. Well, doesn’t most anything you want to learn?

Good thing the Windows 8 apps make the things we do everyday easier. You know the saying, “There is an app for that!” Windows 8 uses apps and incorporates the desktop you are used to. Thinking your PC might not need an app? You must check out Windows 8 App Store, and you will soon be saying I need that! You can find apps for recipes, organization or you can even combine the two and organize your recipes into your very own cookbook! Pepperplate app is a really easy way to stay organized in the kitchen and create your own cookbook. If you are a serious cook or an amateur chef in the making, you can create complete dinner parties to week night meals with ease. It’s pretty awesome because when you

When you purchase an app, you can use that app on up to 5 devices. This is perfect for me. I can research on my computer, compile and tweak my recipes and then access them all at the store on my phone for my grocery shopping. Then when I come home I can pull them up on my tablet that I use in the kitchen. Well, it is a cross breed: 1/2 tablet and 1/2 laptop. The HP Envy 2 can be used as both. It is the perfect size for surfing the web (aka Pinterest) on the couch looking for foods that make my mouth drool. Which isn’t too hard these days considering I am on a never-ending diet! You can also pull the screen off to use as a tablet. I like to keep the tablet part handy while I am cooking. Pretty much every recipe I follow, I end up recreating it and have to find equivalent measurements or complementary flavors. It is a lot easier having the tablet part handy instead of walking in and out of my office. This is just one app that I have found for Windows 8 that I use on a regular basis. What are you waiting for? You can try it too. Upgrade your current Windows version for only $39.99.

I am a Windows Champion Blogger for Microsoft and was provided the HP Envy 2 computer to facilitate this post.


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