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Get Electric! Mitsubishi i-MIEV At Chicago Auto Show #smp13 #cas13

If you are a fan of the electric car, this cool little car is for you!  I saw the new Mitsubishi i-MIEV at the 2013 Auto Show in Chicago and I love it!  This car is more than just cute because it is also economical as far as base price and fuel economy.  The i-MIEV was built for the city dweller in mind. One that doesn’t need a large vehicle but wants a car that will give them the best MPH that burns clean, rides great and can whip into a small parking space like nobody’s business!  With a base price of $29/125, the Mitsubishi i-MIEV is the most affordable electric vehicle in its category.  This cute little car will cost you 1/3 less in maintenance, offers the lowest cost per mile than any other electric car and has an 8 year/100,000 mile lithium battery limited warranty.  Although it may not look like it, the Mitsubishi i-MIEV fits four adults comfortably and offers 6 air bags for added safety.  If you are trying to maneuver this little beauty into a small spot, with a 15.4 turning radius, that is easy to do.  The Mitsubishi i-MIEV will give you an unheard of 62 miles per charge with an EPA quote of an average of 112 MPG equivalent and will scoot down the highway up to 81 MPH.

Mitsubishi will be the first to tell you this car is not going to be for everyone.  Although I think this is an adorable car and makes financial sense both with the base price and fuel economy, it would not work for my larger family. My brother on the other hand would love this car because he doesn’t need a lot of room but is on a tight budget. This car would be perfect for him.  Can you imagine begin able to run all of your errands over the weekend and know the MPG would be 1/8 of what it would be for a fuel driven car?

This car would also be great for small businesses that use a fleet of vehicles for deliveries and other needs.  We have a local cupcake company that has 3 locations and are known for their hand delivery of their treats. They would be able to deliver a lot of cupcakes before they would need to replenish their charge.  With the car being 1005 electric, there are no fumes or emissions to pollute our air quality.  Another great reason to buy you a Mitsubishi i-MIEV is for the tax incentives the government is offering for taxpayers who are buying electric and hybrid cars. SO, if you are looking for a great car for the money that will save you a lot of money in the long run, the Mitsubishi i-MIEV is the car for you.

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