Mixbook had extremely easy software to use especially since I have barely enough time to take pictures, much less upload and organize into a book. Even though I have little time to make these creative books, I often try to squeeze the time in to do just so. Let me tell you why. With my husband being gone for weeks at a time, photobooks offer my children reminders and optional interactions with not only their Daddy, but their other long-distance relatives as well. It just warms my heart when Jakobi fingers the pages between his little hands and tells me that he loves his Daddy showing me his picture in the book. At night before bed, we (Mason, Jakobi, and I) can cuddle on the couch and reminisce of the good old days. Funny right with them being 1 and 3! Having familiar faces in books also encourages reading time for my little ones helping to establish future habits.

When I went to Mixbook to actually create the book, the process was very user-friendly. I just uploaded a selection of pictures and picked random order. I just did this to save time. You can place each picture on a specific page if you so choose, and in fact, I moved a few around to make specific themed pages.  You can add in captions and change the backgrounds to suit each picture as well. My final product was a 20-page, 11 x 8.5″ hardcover landscape photobook that I had customized.

I was thrilled with the results, and even more ecstatic over my kid’s reactions. We have since receiving the book sat many a night thumbing through the pages pointing out who all our relatives and friends are. You can purchase a Hard Cover Mixbook for as low as $11.99 and if you like them on Facebook, you can find additional discounts on their Welcome Page.