miyako ceramic knife

Miyako Ceramic Knives Make a Thoughtful Gift

Have you ever had a kitchen utensil that never makes it to the dishwasher? I don’t mean because you never use it or you never wash it, but you wash it by hand because you use it so often! This is how I feel about my Miyako paring ceramic knife. I use it every single day, several times within that day. I cut a lot of fruit into small slices for the kids and it allows me to hold it in my hand and peel the skins off. It is by far, my most favorite tool in the kitchen. It makes me think of my husband. He bought me a set of knives one year as a gift and it was my favorite gift from him because every time I cut something, I thought of him. This can be you! If you buy a knife for the chef in your life, every time they cut something, they will think of you. Right now you can get a 3″ paring knife and a ceramic peeler on sale for $19.99.

How Should You Choose A Ceramic Knife?

If you are going to buy just one knife, many say you should go with the chef knife because it can be used to cute all sizes of food.  I learned how to actually use a chefs knife properly from The Miyako Ceramic Website. They have a lot of good handling and cutting tips for a variety of knives that they carry.  You can get a 6″ chef’s knife on sale right now for $39.99. Miyako ceramic stays sharp with a razor sharp edge and a high-gloss finish. The handle is ergonomic to ease stress on your hand while having a ultra-comfort grip. The ceramic that Miyako uses is denser and harder than the other ceramic knives you can buy. I am in love my Miyako and it is #1 on my Christmas gift list this year!