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New Tablet? Here Are Five Mobile Device Accessories You Need

It is funny; I like to think of myself as tech savvy, yet I am usually the last one to get tech gadgets. I am more concerned with making sure the kids have the latest in technology than for myself. When my 14 year old started high school, we were told the kids would be getting a tablet instead of using traditional textbooks. Of course, the moment my son heard this, he told me the only way to homeschool him would be with a tablet! Well, it just made sense for my oldest daughter to want her own tablet once she found her two younger siblings had a new tablet! As luck would have it, while at a blogging conference I won a tablet, which I in turn gave to my oldest. The next step of course was to get her the proper accessories she would need. Here are my five favorites:

5 Accessories You Need For Your New Tablet

  1. Organizer: This is perfect to keep your tablet accessories all in one place. By using elastic crisscrossing diagonally, you just slip your cords, chargers, stylus and other items and they stay snugly in place.
  2. Case Or Cover: Tablets are expensive and if you drop it, the replacement cost is astronomic. Even if you just crack your screen, you are looking at almost $200 to replace it. Instead of going through the drama, just get a protective case to keep your tablet safe.
  3. Camera Connection Kit: If you are a photo bug like my daughter and myself, you are going to want this accessory. You just plug one end into your phone and one into your tablet, and you can transfer your images in seconds.
  4. Tablet Mounting System: This is super handy for a myriad of reasons. This system allows you to mount your tablet just about anywhere. You can mount it on your kitchen cabinet while cooking, on your craft cabinet in your scrap booking area or anywhere you need to see your tablet hands free.
  5. Chargers: In order to keep your tablet powered up, you will need the connector cable and the base it fits in. When you are on the go, you will want a power bank so you are not looking everywhere for a place to plug in if your tablet is drained. Because we all have mobile devices, we also have a multi port charging station to keep us all powered whenever we need it.

When you have a tablet, you need to take care of it. They are expensive, insurance is high and they can be persnickety. If you buy a tablet, you need to take care of it, which means you need quality accessories for it. I trust very few companies with the products I use with my tablets and iLuv is one of the best. I trust iLuv, as evidenced by my recent review of their killer headphones, “Six Things I Cannot Live Without When Working From Home.” If you prefer earbuds, I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the FitActive® Run fro iLuv, in my review, “Earbuds For Working Out: Are They Are Better?” When it comes to keeping my tablet powered up at all times, I of course turned to iLuv for the best power banks I could find. I was sent the RockWall® 5, which I use when I am at home and sells for $30 ON THE iLuv website. This powerhouse has five USB ports offering 5 amps of power. It charges your Android or IOS device quickly from one convenient location.

With its compact and portable size, you can use it at home or on the road. If you need something just as powerful but a bit more portable, you will love the myPower® 5200, which is available for $30 from iLuv. No matter where you are, the myPower® 5200 will keep your tablet or smartphone fully charged. The design is compact, sleek and modern, and it delivers a powerful 5200mAh charge anywhere you go. It can charge your Android or IOS device and is made to prevent the battery pack from overcharging, overheating and damaging a connected device, so you can always charge safely. I recently took the myPower® 5200 on a weekend trip to Atlanta and it kept my smartphone powered up the entire trip. The myPower® 5200 also offers a powerful LED indicator, so you know what its remaining charge is left. There’s also a built-in LED flashlight for emergency situations, making myPower® 5200 a great battery pack to bring along while traveling. I love both of these devices and so will you! Be sure to follow iLuv on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. One USA reader will win the myPower® 5200 or the RockWall® 5, Arvg $30.

What is your must have from these mobile device accessories?

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