Modern Jewelry For Women

Modern Jewelry For Women

With Mother’s Day approaching, I was thinking of getting modern jewelry for women for my mom.  She is an avid jewelry collector and therefore is always on the lookout for out of the ordinary pieces to add to her collection.  I love to wear rings as well, but my collection is on a much smaller scale than my mom’s!  When I worked in the health care industry, we were unable to wear jewelry, especially rings, so I got out of the habit for a few years and I missed my rings!  Don’t you feel naked when you go out without your favorites pieces of jewelry?  You know you have chosen well when you get compliments every time you go out! I was looking for unique items on the Internet when I came across an artist on Etsy who sells really beautiful and unique items.

FriedaSophie is a great Etsy store, based out of San Francisco, which sells one of a kind, hand-crafted jewelry.  Inspired by the many beautiful aspects of the natural elements from her world travels, this artist has a great variety of beautiful pieces.  All of her jewelry is made from sterling silver or 14K gold and she hand picks all the gemstones, minerals, geodes and other natural components used in her jewelry.   Her collection has been made with love and admiration for the world around us and tis gives her the ability to take those and create elegant jewelry.  FriedaSophie’s timeless jewelry collection has been recognized by collectors and retailers of jewelry all over the world.

One Of A Kind Rings

When I was shopping for my Mother’s gift, I knew I wanted one or two one of a kind rings for her.  Since she has been collecting jewelry for about 40 years now, it has gotten really difficult to find something she has or something very similar to what she owns.  I could not find the right ring and then I found the FriedaSophie shop and she had a double ring (valued at $45.00) that is unlike any ring I have ever seen.  With your choice of silver or gold, the rings are approximately 1 mm and have been hammered to give the rings an interesting texture.  The two rings are connected by a delicate chain, creating a stunning piece of modern jewelry.

One winner will receive the double ring in their choice of sterling silver or 14K gold, valued at $45.00

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