Ever since Henry was very small, we knew her had some challenges. He only weight 15 pounds at his one year check up and he did not learn to walk until he was almost 2. He did not say his first words until he was well over a year old and we have always had feeding/eating issues. When we finally received his autism diagnosis when he was almost 6, we were certainly not surprised. We were actually relieved because we knew we could now move forward in helping him make the most of what was available to him. One of our biggest concerns was his eating because he was not getting the calories he needed and we were getting really worried. We learned a lot through trial and error, found the foods he liked most and those he had trouble swallowing. Another issue we faced was that he had a lot of difficulty holding utensils and he would get so frustrated that he would use his hands to eat. That is just fine for Cheerios but for mashed potatoes, not so much! Out therapist suggest we find a set of flatware that would be more comfortable in his hand because she felt that was holding him back from using utensils to eat with. That is when we looked into finding utensils and flatware that are ergonomic and easier for him to hold. For us, that brand was KNORK, which completely changed our lives.

Modern Serving Utensils That Are Ergonomic

Modern Serving Utensils And Flatware That Are Ergonomic

It is so funny how one small suggestion can alter the course of your life! As we researched the idea of buying modern serving utensils and flatware that are ergonomic, it made more and more sense. It seems the shape of the pieces fit better and are more comfortable to use. Another thing we found was that if the utensil had a bit of weight to it, it made it feel more grounded in Henry’s hand. When we received the 5-piece place settings of flatware and the 5-piece serving utensil set from KNORK, we could not believe the difference. Henry took to those forks and spoons (he is still not sure abut using a knife) like a duck takes to water! If you could have seen the big grin on his face and how much food he shoveled in his mouth (he refused to allow that picture to be included!). The products from KNORK were literally life changing for us.

One thing we found fascinating, but our therapist was not surprised about, was that my husband had a huge shift as well. It seems all this time he has had difficulty with using utensils and he was not able to articulate it. He said once he held the spoon from KNORK in his hand, he felt completely “at home”. He is too funny because he absolutely refuses to use the other flatware we have and we always have at least one set clean for him to use. If you would like to learn more about the Knork brand and why they are so awesome, please take a look at their video. Mike Miller, founded and creator of Knork, found inspiration for his unique product from a pizza slicer at a local pizzeria. The KNORK Flatware is ergonomically designed to correctly fit our hands the way we naturally eat.  The patented design lends comfort, style and stability to your dining experience.  Each piece from the KNORK collection includes a smooth stem fingertip platforms, an ergonomic shape and a heavier, balanced design that won’t bend or fall from a plate. You can purchase the 5-piece flatware sets for $24.99 and the 5-piece serving utensil set for $39.99 on the KNORK website.

One USA reader will win (1) 20-piece place settings ($89.99 each) and one 5-piece serving set ($39.99) (total prize pack value $129.98


  1. Great !!! This is so phenomenal!!!That is very impressive! Serving Spoons are gorgeous and the makeover is totally amazing. I love it. You really did a super job with the Serving Spoons! I use to do buy online Serving Spoons as its time saving.

  2. I love their steak knives…since it’s all one piece (instead of most that are wood and the knife) it makes them easier to clean!

  3. I would love to have the 2 piece Child Set with the glossy finish!!!! Thanks again for the great giveaway!!!!

  4. I love the set of iced teaspoons, but shouldn’t a company called Knork include a spork in their line?

  5. That is some good looking utensils there, in general. But having a 3 year old, who loves sneaking bites to the puppy, I have to say (at least right now) my favorite are the blue plastic reusable spoons. They look like great quality and I like that they are reusable but it won’t be a huge hit to throw them away eventually.

  6. I like the restaurant flatware. I’m a little bit of a freak when it comes to cookware and kitchenware. I like the restaurant quality stuff, even if it isn’t as pretty.

  7. I like the Knork Flatware 5 Piece Serving Set – Duo 18/0. I need a set so bad. This would be awesome.

  8. I could really use a good quality steak knife set. I really like the 6-Piece Gloss stainless steel steak knives.

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