Monogrammed Gifts For Every Occasion

Monogrammed Gifts For Every Occasion

Here I am again, telling you how much I love monogrammed gifts for every occasion!  I just finished doing some back to school shopping for the kids and they each got some monogrammed notebooks and folders.  I also have an order in for a monogrammed book bag and matching lunch box for my adopted niece Anna.  Anna is in middle school this year and she really wanted a unique back pack for her new school.  I recently realized if I bought an embroidery machine, I would probably save myself a lot of money!  No worries to all my favorite personalization stores who fear they will lose my multimillion dollar a year business!  I am too mechanically un-inclined to figure out how to embroider something!

I found a really great monogram and personalization shop that is located in beautiful Boca Raton, FL.  Bliss Designs, Inc. is an adorable shop that offers a huge variety of items that can have any number of monikers on them.  I pride myself as being a semi-professional monogram lover and Bliss has several items that you don’t always find available in other shops.  They have these really cute envelope holders and a shower caddy that would be great for the college dorm.  If you are planning a wedding and need some creative bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts, you can get them each an elegant leather luggage tag with their initial on it.  I could go on and on as there are so many choices, but I will let you check Bliss Designs, Inc. for yourself!  You can learn more about Bliss by liking them on Facebook or visiting their online store.

Monogrammed Bags As Gifts

One of my favorite presents for a friend or family member is to give monogrammed bags as gifts. My best friend Carol has 3 kids who keep her pretty busy!  With Alex in football, Anna in middle school and Adam in elementary school, she spends a lot of time going to football practices, meetings and school functions.  I wanted to get her a gift that was meaningful and something she would really get a lot of use out of.  I knew she wanted a monogrammed tote bag, so when I saw all the choices Bliss Designs, Inc. offered, I knew they would be able to help me find the perfect bag for Carol.  Diane and Courtney from Bliss Designs are there to help you navigate through their inventory in order to find the perfect item for your special occasion.  I finally chose the Jute Bag I the Zebra print with orange lettering ($32.00) for Carol’s gift.  The jute bag has an open weave and it is very easy to clean should you get a spill.  I loved the orange thread (Go Vols) against the black and white background of the bag. As you can see from the smile on Carol’s face, she was quite pleased with her gift!  Thank you Bliss Designs for making my friend so happy!

One reader will receive one long champ styled bag from Bliss Designs, Inc. valued at $45.00

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  1. I really like the Girl’s Backpack with Applique. So cute and my youngest granddaughter would LOVE it!

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