Where-do-I-sleepLast night I stayed awake until 3 am creating a social media masterpiece. About 5 minutes later I went to bed exhausted. Five minutes after that, my 6 year old climbed into my already crowded bed (My husband went to sleep earlier and had migrated to the center of the bed. The dog had commandeered my spot) because he was cold. (We live in Florida and using the heat is against my religion, so I cut him some slack. Plus he was warm!) Five minutes after that, my three-year-old joined the party. Crowded bed plus snoring husband plus snoring dog plus (REALLY?!) snoring kids equals not a good night’s sleep.


This morning, I woke up to my entire family surrounding me and that my friends, is a morning win! I was showered with cuddles from children and animals alike! Everyone had sweet (yuck) morning breath and wanted to share. Oh how I love kisses! I am not the only one with a morning win! Check out what Mario Lopez and Tamera Mowry-Housley have posted as their morning accomplishments! Belvita can help make your morning a win too! One of my lucky readers will win a #MorningWin kit detailed below! You can also win by following @belVita on Twitter and share your own morning wins using the hashtag #MorningWin for a chance to receive a personalized video, a virtual 3D trophy and/or a real morning win trophy.

Morning Win Kit ($100 value)

Each belVita Morning Win Kit will include the following and be packaged in a branded travel case:

  • Eye mask to help you get a good night’s rest for your morning routine
  • Breath mints to invigorate your morning and prep you for that client meeting
  • Shoe insoles to help you power through a morning run with ease
  • Lint roller to make sure you always look sharp, even after your cat brushes up against your clothes
  • Stain remover stick so you never have to worry about coffee stains
  • Sock organizer clips to ensure a great outfit
  • Double-sided tape for any wardrobe malfunctions
  • Mini deodorant to stay fresh all morning long, even after your morning workout
  • Hand sanitizer to ensure your hands are squeaky clean prior to eating belVita
  • Wet wipes for getting red lipstick off your sweetheart’s face
  • On-the-go nail polish remover for the moments when you need to text, type an email, and remove your nail polish all at the same time
  • belVita Breakfast Biscuit assortment (Soft Baked and Crunchy)

Now that is a recipe for success if I ever heard one! Stop by the belVita Morning Win Trophy Lab if you are in the New York area. They will be at 40 Ludlow Street from tomorrow from 5am until 5pm.


  1. My morning win relates to today finally being Superbowl Sunday. And my husbands’ win is how well his beloved seahawks are doing

  2. My morning win is my son bringing me a hot cup of coffee while I watch the sun come up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My morning win is getting up to a hot cup of coffee that I did not have to make. It’s really a good morning when someone else makes ME breakfast.

  4. My morning win is chai latte, something to eat and everyone out the door on time and in one piece without fighting and arguing

  5. My morning win involves the kids having a quiet morning and heading off to school, leaving me with a quiet, peaceful home to get work done in! (Today was a perfect example!)

  6. My win waking up when my alarm goes off. I am hard of hearing, so sometimes i don’t even wake up. other times i just turn it off and go back to sleep, and wake up later not remembering that I even woke up. Did I mention that it loud enough to be heard throughout the entire house?

  7. I’m getting better at consistently getting my morning yoga in even before coffee! A big morning win for me today as I did it, although pretty sleepy.

  8. My morning win was a hot fresh cup of coffee waiting for me on my nightstand when I woke up from my fiance’. 🙂

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