Most Popular Boys Shoe Styles

My son is growing like a dang weed, and I am now looking to see what the most popular boy shoe styles are this year.  Although he is only 11, Henry is a fashion icon in his own mind and therefore is always in need of the most fashionable apparel!  What is funny is that Henry does care about how he looks and is always fussing about his clothes, shoes, and hair.  Lord, I have a 14 year old girl who is always looking in the mirror and now her brother is right behind her!  Here are this year’s most popular styles in boy’s shoes in the event you have a male fashionista in your house!

Most Popular Boys Shoe Styles

  • Sneakers: This one is always the tried and true that we all have at least one pair of.  What is funny is how sneakers have evolved over the past 50 years.  We have come from Keds to Air Jordans to Chuck Taylors and Nike and back again.  These are the shoes that will never go out of style.
  • Athletic Shoes: Now don’t go making the same mistake my friend did by confusing this category with the prior category.  Our kids were very quick to tell her she was completely mistaken because there was NO comparison between the two!  I am guessing that is because only posers wear sneakers thinking they are the same as those soccer and baseball cleats that sets them apart.  No matter the sport, if you have a boy, you have at least one or two pairs of athletic shoes around.
  • Boots: There may be many styles of boots, but again, if you have a boy, you have at least one pair of these in the closet.  My son loves cowboy boots, snow boots and rain boots and will wear them as often I will let him!  He will wear his cowboy boots with his pajama pants and his favorite Angry Birds tee shirt and tell me he is ready to go out to dinner.  Uh, yeah, ok.
  • Casual: This is a pretty broad category because so many styles can really fit into here; I am lumping just about everything that is not in the prior categories.  One of my favorite styles of boy’s shoes has got to be deck shoes, or top siders as we called them back in the old days.  One of the best looking boat shoes on the market right now are made by none other than the infamous Tommy Hilfiger.

Shoes For Every Occasion

If you are looking for shoes for every occasion, not a whole lot of styles can get away with this.  Just like the cowboy boots and pajama bottoms, some things are just not meant to be put together!  One thing that can be absolutely put together is shoes and Tommy Hilfiger.  This iconic designer has been designing clothing and home goods for years and if you didn’t know it, he is pretty good with designing shoes as well!  When I was offered a pair of the newest shoes from Tommy Hilfiger, I was so excited!  I knew Henry would absolutely love the boat shoes from Tommy Hilfiger ($44.00) and I was 100% correct!  The moment they came to the house, he tore the box open and had those shoes on his feet in a matter of moments!  These shoes look great and although the leather is faux, you would never know it!  With their nautical lacing, a cushioned insole and a traction outsole, these shoes are good looking and ready to be worn on a day at the lake!  If you would like to find a pair of these great looking shoes for your boy, you can find them at

One reader will win a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Boat Shoes ($44.00) in the size of their choice, depending on availability.


  1. I love the blue ones you have pictured , it’s such a lovely blue color, and also love the cute plaid sliders…. So many cute kids shoes, but those are my two favorites. I have a pair of Tommy boat shoes myself….

  2. Lots to choose from – I really like the COLORBLOCK SANDAL. Now, if warmer weather would just arrive…

  3. I like the CANVAS SLINGBACK WEDGE, the ELASTIC ESPADRILLE WEDGE, and the PEEP TOE WEDGE . And their sneakers.

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