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Most Popular Valentines Gifts For Women

Well fellas, it is that time of year to find out what the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for women are.  My husband, bless his heart, is not one to choose the most romantic gifts for me!  Not that I am complaining, as I know there are spouses who don’t get their partner anything.  I would just love to get something else this year than the standard big Mylar balloon and pop up card that gives you a big kiss when you open it.  I thought I would research what other guy’s (and gals) are giving their better half this year in hopes of inspiring him!  Here are some tried and true options for those of you who struggle in this area:

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women

  • Perfume: Here is a good one that you can choose.  It is one of the most purchased item and one that is almost always well received.  In order to choose just the right scent, ask your Valentine what smells they like.  Once you have a few ideas, you can go to the perfumery and in giving the staff the choices your mate gave you, they can help you choose the perfume your love will love.
  • Lingerie: This is always a safe bet and when the ensemble matches the likes and personality of the recipient, you may just get covered in smooches.  Just be sure to buy what you think your partner will like or has mentioned she would like to try.  If you come home with a French Maid’s outfit when your lady never mentioned an interest in this attire, you may get the cold shoulder.  Just be sure to fit the outfit to the woman.
  • Dinner: A romantic dinner, with candles, soft music and an adoring date are the recipe for a happy night for the Valentine couple.  Remember guys, you don’t need to send a lot of money on a dinner in a fancy restaurant.  Many women would be just as happy with a cozy meal in that you cooked yourself (or had delivered, depending on your cooking skills).
  • Jewelry:  The right piece of jewelry is almost always a shoe in as a winning gift.  There are so many choices that you are certain to find something special for your Valentine’s date.  I love jewelry, especially pieces that are different than most.  For those pieces, I turn to Lisa Leonard Design as her jewelry is more like works of art than pieces of jewelry.

Beautiful Jewelry For Women

I love all of the beautiful jewelry for women from Lisa Leonard Designs.  Each piece is hand crafted by Lisa, who is self- taught in her craft and as proven by her work, picked up the ability quite well!  With each piece created, you can see a love of nature and the wonder of it.  The thought behind the designs at Lisa Leonard Design is that you can wear her pieces with any outfit in any occasion.  You can wear her jewelry with jeans and a tee or a lovely ball gown for a formal event.   I chose the gorgeous “This Is Love” necklace ($58.00) and it is just extraordinary.  Each petal had been delicately crafted by hand on the back is the title that has been hand stamped.  If you are in love with jewelry as I, prompt your Valentine to visit Lisa Leonard Designs and choose something beautiful for you!

One reader will win the Gold Wildflower Necklace ($48.00) (as shown above).


  1. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Gold Wildflower Necklace.
    In Response To Your Question Of What is your favorite product?
    I Liked The Gold soaring heart necklace.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!

  2. The Wildflower Cross a a special place in my heart. The cross is for the loved ones we have lost and the flowers are for the generations now and to come.

  3. The please remove your shoes sign, fate I tell yahoo since I needed something for mother inlaw and this is just perfect!

  4. brass swivel necklace {2-sided}

    So pretty and sure to be a classic! Customize each side of this solid brass pendant. Pendant swivels from top loop—gorgeous! Strung from a 14k gold-filled chain. Pendant measures just over an inch including the swivel top. customize up to 8 characters

  5. Wow! Very hard to pick a favorite. I love the full circle earrings and all of the necklaces. Since you’ve asked me to pick I’ll say the brass swivel necklace, I’d love to wear the name of my son around my neck. Thanks!

  6. Besides good booze–I would choose jewlery (pendant), a credit card with a “big” limit, a spa vacation, a new car or house, or an I.O.U. to be temporarily kept until I figure out the above mentioned expences! drmrs 1/30/2013

  7. Oh my this was extremely hard, there were way too many awesome things to choose from. I kind of would enjoy making a charm bracelet!!!!

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