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We have been a family who loves camping for a whole lot of years! When I was little, my mom and dad and my 4 older brothers and sisters looked forward to our yearly camping trip. I am sure they did not have as much fun with two much younger siblings tagging along, but it was more fun once my little sister and I got older. Now we just do the camping thing with my husband and I and our two kids and we try to get away a few times a year at least. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend have started their own yearly mecca and each year they seem to get more and more folks tagging along! I have been looking for some must have camping items that I needed to update, which included a good camping kettle. In my opinion, if you are going to buy high quality camping equipment,  you should buy it from an industry leader like Kelly Kettle.
Must Have Camping Items From Kelly Kettle®

Must Have Camping Items From Kelly Kettle

If you have gone camping at least once, you know there are levels of need for your must have camping items. You need a good tent, a comfortable sleeping bag would be beneficial and I like to have some music to listen to when I am not enjoying the sounds of nature. Then there are those items that are a bit more important, at least in my opinion, to make your camping experience more enjoyable. In that list, I would include plenty of socks, comfortable shoes, and high quality cooking equipment. For my family, the Stainless Medium Scout Kelly Kettle Complete Kit ($103.99) works perfectly. The kit comes complete with the original Kelly Kettle, the cooking pot, pot support, grill, pot gripper/handle, Fire Base and drawstring carrying bag. The Kettle boils more than a liter of water and because you use natural solid fuel (sticks, pine cones, etc.) and do not need fuel, you have a lighter load to carry. Because it is made to be used in any situation or element (car camping, disasters and survival), it will work perfectly no matter where you are or what the weather is like. The water boils very quickly, and the design allows you to boil and purify water while reheating or cooking your meal at the same time! This is a very cool and very handy tool and it on my list of total camping necessities!

If you are ever in the West of Ireland, you are in the stomping found of the Kelly Kettle Company, where they have been making and selling fine camping kettles for Irish Fishermen for generations. The two guys who are the current Directors of Kelly Kettle are brothers Patrick, Seamus Kelly, who are fourth generation Kelly’s. The brothers love the outdoors (which I think is a Kelly prerequisite for being part of the family!) and are accomplished and competitive anglers! Guess what the brothers take with them when they are on their fishing trips? Yep! The Kelly Kettle kit is an integral part of their trips. With their experience, education and passion, the bothers continue to grow and develop the Kelly Kettle line. In addition to the Kelly Kettle kits, you can also find such camping accessories from Kelly Kettle like camping lights and knives, camping meals, Kettle beverages and much more. To see a complete listing of the Kelly Kettle products, you can visit their website.

One USA reader will win one Stainless Medium Scout Kelly Kettle Complete Kit ($103.99)


  1. My favorite is the Stainless Steel Scout – Medium Kelly Kettle and also the Solar Battery Charger! We live in Wisconsin and love to go camping during the fall when the leaves are bright and vibrant, so I would love to win this for our family of 5 🙂 Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  2. like their prepared meals like the Wise Outdoor Food – Creamy Pasta & Vegetable Rotini

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  3. My favorite product is the Stainless Medium Scout Kelly Kettle® – Complete Kit! It looks like it would be so great and useful to have for a camping trip!

  4. I really love the idea of anything solar charged, especially while camping. So that solar camp light looks awesome.

  5. The solar light package might be handy during the zombie apocalypse. Of course, the light might attract the zombies…

  6. I currently employ a jetboil for my camp stove, but after a couple of friends sustained nasty burns from it, I’ve been shopping around for another cooking system. would love to give this one a whirl.

  7. Aluminum-Large-Kelly Kettle-Complete Kit would be perfect for our family! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  8. I would love to have the fire steel mini!!! COMPACT AND A MUST HAVE!!! for any camper!!! Great price too!!!!

  9. I really like the Solar Light Package #50099. They would be great for camping or even to use when the power goes out.

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