I was sitting in my dish chair, which I love, trying to balance my laptop on my lap. No wonder why my back hurts! My children were playing with every toy they own spread out all over the living room.  Don’t you know that is the most efficient way to not only drive your mother crazy but see all your toys at once? Did I mention that I had just cleaned this mess up? Did I mention that Daddy is coming home in 2 days after being gone for a month and will expect a clean house?

Anyways, as I was sitting there counting entries and trying to figure out who won the I Love My Mommy prizes, Jakobi gets up and goes to “get” something from his room telling me, “Be right back Mommy, You stay here.” Hmmmmm… Should I go check? Of course! This is what I found…



Really? In like 4.2 seconds. Uh Oh! I left Mason in the living room…which means he was now in the kitchen, where we have two glass top dining tables.  Of course, he threw his cup up on the table and it popped open because I gave him the take and toss this morning and milk was now dripping into the cracks where the table and wood meet, along with the collection of breakfast crumbs from cereal Jakobi decided to crush. I only have a cloth table cloth which was pulled aside by Jakobi at breakfast and now I have mush!  I really need to invest in a  vinyl tablecloth so it would help protect the table a bit.

Needless to say I am having a fantastic morning and need to clean, but instead…I thought wow! I should blog this!!

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