nail art

Nail care is an important part of the hygiene process but many people neglect their nails. I will be the first to admit that I don’t take complete care of my nails like I should nor do I know anything about them really other than they grow, break and look pretty when different polishes are on them. Over the years my nails have become an accessory just like my handbag or shoes. I cannot leave the house without having some kind of polish on my nails because they are one of the most seen parts of the body. We use our hands for everything so I like to make them look pretty.

I love little things that make your nails pop like nail art decals. With my designs, I have been stopped by people in the store asking me where I got the amazing designs from. I love to use color that can be used to dress up or dress down, one that is versatile and that I can wear  jeans with.

What fancy things do you like to do with your nails? Do you take time out to pamper yourself at the salon? do you get pedicures and manicure? I love taking the time just for me. It allows me to de-stress. When you do your nails at home you can change your colors and art every day to match your outfit or accessories. As a matter of fact, nail art has become an accessory. What are your favorite colors and designs?

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