Natural Alternatives For Treating UTIs

Natural Alternatives For Treating UTIs

If you have recurring issues with your urinary tract, have you considered natural alternatives for treating UTIs?  I try to use natural products when it comes to treating anything with my body.  I don’t like the idea of treating an illness with a synthetic substance instead of something more gentle and organic.  Part of my thought process came from my kid’s pediatrician in Atlanta, who approached health care with a holistic outlook.  Whenever possible she would give me natural alternatives to treating the kid’s illnesses unless it absolutely needed prescription medication.   For instance, when the kids had an upper respiratory infection, she recommended steam to clear up their breathing then an over the counter decongestant.  Since meeting her, I have approached all illness with the natural path first and all others if the natural is not enough.

It never occurred to me until I was in nursing school that men can get a UTI just as women can.  The difference is that men get them less frequently and they are often less severe than those for a woman.  A  UTI is the second most common infection for our body, and it can be bothersome to many but it can be quite painful for others.  Many women experience so much pain associated with their UTI, they will call out sick at least on time per year.  Ellura is a natural cranberry supplement but it is unlike others you may have tried.  and revolutionary product used to treat UTI’s.  Ellura is the only product on the market that uses 36 mg. of PAC which is used to flush out the bacteria from the urinary tract.  Through studies in comparing other cranberry supplements and Ellura, it was found that you would need to take 257 pills of the other supplements to have the same effect Ellura can give in one pill.  In order to let their customers know they believe in their product, Ellura guarantees their product 100%.

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics

My daughter has had trouble with UTI’s and has been looking for a UTI treatment without antibiotics.  She has always had trouble tolerating antibiotics and therefore we always try to find another way to treat her illnesses.  It seems to have been a vicious cycle with her and UTI’s and the right treatment.  It seems she gets a UTI and then will find a new supplement she hopes will work, only to find it didn’t help much at all.  I thought if she tries the Ellura product, she may find relief with it.  Oddly enough, she had a UTI when she was here recently for a visit and I showed her the Ellura.  She followed the dosing directions which give you 3 options for taking Ellura.  If you do not have a current breakout, you can take one Ellura daily to maintain a healthy urinary tract. If you currently have a UTI, you should take two capsules with water for two days and then one daily thereafter.  The third scenario is to take two capsules prior to intercourse and then one capsule per day for three days.  It has been a little over a month since Chelsea took the Ellura for the first time and she has not had any new symptoms.  To be fair, she usually gets 4-5 per year, so it may be a bit too early to tell!

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