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Natural Medicines For Kids From Little Remedies

The cold months brings fun things with them like snow, winter break from school and holidays spent with family.  Some of the not so fun things that come with the cold weather are illnesses like colds and the flu.  I believe in being proactive when it comes to illness, so we wash our hands regularly, avoid crowds whenever possible and disinfect common surfaces in the house.  Unfortunately, my family is not immune to getting sick and we have had our share of colds and the flu.  When we are sick and require medicine, we look for OTC medications that are effective but safe.  I don’t like medicines that contain alcohol, artificial colors and flavors and other unnatural ingredients.  Another problem with many OTC medications is they do not taste very good and it is hard to convince younger kids to take them.  One brand of products that are in line with what I look for is those from Little Remedies.

Natural Medicines For Kids

The Little Remedies brand is one many parents rely on for products that work that don’t have ingredients you don’t need.  With Little Remedies, your child’s health is their primary concern and their extensive line of products is evident of that.  Created by a pharmacist and father who couldn’t find products he would give to his own kids, he developed a line of natural medicines for kids.  In addition to cold and flu medications, Little Remedies also has products for allergies, tummy aches, and a fever reducer for infants.  One of the popular products is the Little Remedies For Colds Honey Elixir, which soothes coughs and sore throats.  Made from natural honey, the Honey Elixir is safe for children 12 months and older and can be safely used every 2-4 hours.

Another Little Remedies product many parents love is Little Remedies For Fevers Infant Fever/Pain Reliever. Currently, this product is the only brand name infant fever reducer and pain reliever on the market.  Common uses for Little Remedies For Fevers include sore throat, fever, headache and other minor aches and pains.  With the innovative AccuSafe system, parents just use the syringe and attach it to the flow restrictor which allows for safe and accurate dosing each time.  The Little Remedies products range in price from $4.49-$7.99 and can be found online at such stores as Amazon and Drugstore.com as well as Target and other fine retailers. I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Little Remedies. I received product samples as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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