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Natural Nail Polish For Women From My Spa Shop Sweepstakes

Natural Nail Polish For Women

If you are trying to go green, have you looked into natural nail polish for women?  Were you aware of  how harmful nail polishes and removers could be?  I recently found out that many of the nail polishes on the market have ingredients that can be extremely harmful to us as well as the environment.  One of the major ingredients is formaldehyde which is used in building materials, household cleaning products and as a preservative in mortuaries and medical laboratories.  GROSS!  Another potentially toxic chemical in nail polish is toluene, which is a nervous-system toxin that is used as an octane booster in gasoline fuels used in combustion engines. It can also cause eye irritation, headaches, dizziness, and can lead to birth defects.  OK, now I want to get my nail polish off NOW!  Thankfully there is a line of nail products that are made from all natural and safe ingredients.

The Dr.’s Remedy nail product line began with two podiatrists who were concerned about the effects that harsh chemicals in nail products had on their patients.  With years of studying and research between them, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, were determined to create a healthier alternative.  When Dr. C’s wife was pregnant, he did some research on the ingredients in nail products and found there were warnings all over the place about the use of these harsh products by pregnant women.  This warning launched the idea that would become the Dr.’s Remedy line of nail products for women (or I guess men if they use nail polish?)

Safe Nail Color For Spring

Now that you have read how harmful common nail products can be, let’s find safe nail color for spring.  I was relieved when I was approached to review some of the gorgeous colors of the Dr.’s Remedy nail color line.  These products are safe, non-toxic, and have reaction free ingredients.  Another awesome tidbit about the Dr.’s Remedy line is they contain natural occurring anti-fungal ingredients and vitamins to keep your nails healthy.  I think if you are going to use products that are safe, they should also be healthy  (or what is the point, right?!).  I was sent 3 beautiful spring colors (retailing $17.00 per bottle) as well as the clear base and top coat.  The soft pink, pale yellow and fun purple are perfect for showing off in your cute little open toed shoes.  My favorite is the pink, which coats so evenly that you don’t necessarily need a second coat like you would with other products.  There is no gross smell or worries with this amazing line of nail care.  I am fully converted to the Dr.’s Remedy and will not use any other nail products again! You can purchase Dr. Remedy’s nail polish from My Spa Shop an online boutique for all of your beauty needs.

One winner will receive the 4 pack of the Dr.’s Remedy I received for review (combined retail value of $68.00)

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