My Health Ear Review

Natural Ways To Treat Stress

  • Exercise: The old tried and true method. This works great if you have some time to take a brisk walk.
  • Stress Reduction: Remove yourself from the problem.
  • Acupressure: Looking for the best way to treat stress and other ailments can be trying especially if you want to do it without taking a handful of pills. What if it could be treated with something as simple as an ear piece? A new and innovative solution to stress relief is finally here. HealthEAR, used for auricular therapy, was created to ease the tension in order to get back into a healthy lifestyle.

Some people have major anxiety issues, which makes this a perfect fit for them without the use of pills and prescribed medications. HealthEAR devices are individual custom molds fitted with acupressure nodules. These nodules are stimulated by specific acupuncture points that are found in the ear to reach that desired goal! Each device is safe and comfortable to the ear. They are one of the best ways to control those unwanted ailments.

Does It Work?

I recently went on a vacation with my family. I was on a diet the whole time, and I was sick. You could say my stress level was pretty high. When the kids started to whine, I could feel my blood pressure rise and I basically wanted to scream. I reached for the green piece of plastic that I put in my pocket for “just in case.” I put it in my ear and applied light pressure. I could feel the acupressure nodules pressing against some pretty tender parts of the inside of my ear, but within seconds the anxious feeling that was rising up inside of me started to subside. It was pretty amazing. If you have ever had an anxiety attack coming on or have felt that “I am going to freak out” feeling coming, you will know just how exceptional it is for it to naturally just fade away. I am not saying it works like this for everyone, but it worked that way for me! The HealthEAR device is $69.99 and also comes in the following “flavors”
  • Appetite Control
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Nicotine Craving Control
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief


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