Watch A Classic Disney Movie

If you are like most families, you are all probably pretty busy. The average american family has two kids who are school age that participate in sports and after school activities. Many parents who are trying to make ends meet are either working longer hours or have taken a second job. Many families don’t have the time to cook, so many families end up eating on the run. One of the ways a family can spend more time together is to work together on cooking at least one meal per week and eat it together. Another way families can spend sometime as a unit would be to have a family fun night. This could involve playing a game, going out for miniature golf or watching a favorite movie.  If you are one of those families, do you have one night that you gather the family together to reconnect? Studies have shown that families who carve out at least one night to spend together, function with less friction. I was out with friends a while ago and I told them I was in need of some family night ideas and asked what they each did. One of my friends said Friday nights are their family nights and they really looked forward to it. They call these nights “Scare Up Friday” because everyone has to “scare up” their own food. After dinner, everyone cleans the kitchen and then head into the living room. They rotate between playing a game or watching a movie.  She said when its movie night,  they almost always choose a  movie from the Disney Movie Club. My friend said she and her husband had watched Disney movies with their parents and they now do the same with their kids. She said she realized when they popped in a Disney movie, made popcorn and snuggled up together in the family room, they were making memories. Of course all of us girls said “Awwwww, how sweet” and made a mental note to have a Disney movie night soon.

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