"Munch 'n Movie" Party

This year for Caitlin’s birthday I wanted to do something different. She was turning 15 and I felt it was somewhat of a turning point in her life. She has grown up so much in the past few years and I am incredibly proud of her. She had a tough time in school for the past few years dealing with bullies and teasing. Caitlin is a bit of a brainiac and a little awkward and uncoordinated and the kids in her class made fun of her for it. We finally found her a school for gifted kids and she had begun to fit in and made friends. To reward her success, we wanted to throw her a fun party for birthday and invite a few of her friends. If you need teen birthday party ideas, What a better way to celebrate than with presents, good friends and family, great snacks and an awesome movie?

Caitlin's Birthday Presents

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Since I was going to be out of town on Caitlin’s birthday, we decided to do our family thing in the morning before my flight left and she left for school. Her dad and I each got her a little something and I ordered a pretty necklace from Henry that was engraved with “Sisters Are A Special Friend For Life”. Need I tell you which gift was her very favorite of the three? Henry had a grin from ear to ear when she opened it and gave him a great big hug! Our second party would be on Saturday when I returned from my trip and her friends and my sister was available to come over. While I was gone, Henry even decorated Caitlin’s cake and I think he did a great job!

Henry Decorates The Cake

I was sent the fun Werther’s Original® Caramel Popcorn “Munch ‘n Movie” MommyParties Kit that was perfect for Caitlin’s party. We received 12 bags of the popcorn, invitations, recipes, activity ideas, coupons and the “Soul Surfer” DVD. Soul Surfer is the true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack. Through her determination and unwavering faith, she worked her way to become a champion surfer again. The film features AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood in her film debut, and Dennis Quaid. I thought this uplifting movie was perfect for a group of teenage girls!

Werther's Original Popcorn

My sister arrived with Caitlin’s big surprise gift and the 3 girls arrived shortly after. We decided to play a few of the games suggested in the “Munch ‘n Movie” MommyParties Kit. Henry really enjoyed the Popcorn Toss which was basically tossing a piece of popcorn in the air and trying to catch it in your mouth. He is pretty good at it and while most of us ended up with popcorn in the eye, he hit his mouth nearly every time! (This picture is of him cheating at the game lol)

Henry LOVES Popcorn

Caitlin’s big gift was an archer set, which she has been taking at school. We felt it would be helpful to have a set at home so she could practice. My sister and I went in on this one together and Caitlin could not have been happier.

Caitlin's Bow

The Werther’s Original® Caramel Popcorn was the hit of the party! It is made with real butter and fresh cream, and you can totally tell! The flavor is a buttery smooth caramel flavor that will make any caramel connoisseur a very happy person! Werther’s Original® Caramel Popcorn is definitely the caramel popcorn for caramel lovers. I have been a fan of the Werther’s Original® Caramels for years. We actually use them to make our caramel apples every Thanksgiving as one of our family projects. I just love that mouth wateringly delicious taste that you cannot get anywhere else. We had such a super time at our Werther’s Original® Caramel Popcorn “Munch ‘n Movie” and cannot thank MommyParties enough! Be sure to follow Werther’s on Facebook as well as Twitter to stay current with all their latest news. Also be sure to drop by the Werther’s Caramel Shoppe for savings, recipes and information on your favorite caramel!