BlogHer Mobile ImageThe reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for freeThere are a bevy of options and choices available when it comes smartphones and the plans that come with them. Now you can shop around directly with all of the different cellular providers to see what deals they have on different phones and plans and get pushed into some phone you are not quite so sure about, or you do your own research and know that the next phone to have is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now that you have empowered yourself with the knowledge that you know what phone you want, all you have to do is go to Best Buy and find the best plan to fit your budget and needs on the phone with all of these hot features.

 New Features On The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  • No More Water Worries: Needless to say one of the biggest concerns for smart phones is not letting them get wet. Im sure that most if not all of us have experienced the woes of water in or on our phone. That is no longer a concern with the new Samsung Galaxy Note Seven. Finally someone has made a phone like we knew they could. Waterproof smart phones are the way of the future and Samsung is leading the way.
  • Next Level Security: So you’ve got the best security available on your phone right? You probably use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone and that’s as good as gets right? Wrong. Once again Samsung is pioneering the way for personal security on your personal devices by implementing an iris scanner. As opposed to the fingerprint scanners with only take a picture and compare to the records it has on file, the iris scanner scans your iris and converts it to code then compares it to the stored iris codes. Since copying complicated patterns of the iris is more complicated than a fingerprint, you get stronger security
  • Productivity In A Pen: The new S-pen that comes with Note 7 is so much more than just a stylus. The point has been reduced by almost half to diameter of .7, making ideal for all things that styluses are used for, such as writing and drawing. The coolest new feature is the ability to translate any word by hovering over the word. It uses google translate so there are many different languages available and you can even hear the pronunciation of the word. There are many other cool new features with the S-pen, just too many too list.
  • Extra Storage Space: As we know if you want more storage space on your phone you have to spend more money to get the phone with more memory. Now you can add extra removable storage with addition of a 250GB microSD card. Just pop it in and save every picture song and video.                                                                                                                                                        BlogHer Mobile Image 2

Most people don’t shop around for their cellular plans. They tend to go with the company they are comfortable with, or the one that has the best advertising. This often leads to people getting a bigger plan they need and overpaying on these plans. This leads to most people overpaying by about 50% as to compared to what they need. Best Buy has the solution to this. Just visit your local store and let one of their experts help you with their mobile plan and compare tool to find out exactly what your needs are and what the best plan would be for you. Stop throwing your money away. Get to Best Buy and get what’s right for your needs.

What do you like most about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7?