NFL Mobile App chart

Verizon has Big news for those of you that are fans of the National Football League (or have friends or family that are).  Just in time for the kick-off (pun intended) of the 2013-2014 season, Verizon Wireless has launched the latest version of its highly anticipated and very popular NFL Mobile App. Right now it is currently available on all Android and iOS devices. The NFL Mobile App will help fans stay up to speed with their favorite team(s) and the NFL in general with live coverage of the Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night games, 24×7 NFL Network, and Sunday NFL Redzone with NFL Mobile Premium.

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The NFL Mobile Basic App is free, while the NFL Mobile Premium runs $5 per month and includes:

  • (6) Preseason Games
  • (19) Live NBC Sunday Night Football Games
  • (17) Live ESPN Monday Night Football Games
  • (14) Live NFL Network Thursday Night Games
  • Live NFL Redzone & Live Audio coverage of every game

The NFL Mobile App will keep you connected when it matters, and will let you watch the action as it happens! You can download the NFL Mobile app by calling STAR STAR NFL (**635) or by visiting their app store. For more details check out