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I have always loved the magic of fairies, I’m sure it is from watching Tinker Bell as a child.  Fairies, in shows I’ve seen, always seem to have spunk and for being so little are very tough.  I have always appreciated how empowering they can be when faced with a bad situation.

Winx Club Dolls at Walmart

That is one of the reasons why I am so excited to see that Nickelodeon is launching a new Winx Club Deluxe toy doll line in Walmart stores and  This line of dolls is based on characters from the Winx show on Nickelodean, which is going into its 5th season.  This show is based on 6 fairies. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, and Aisha, who experience many adventures together – going through transformations, unlock secrets and powers, and battle against darkness.  Walmart is carrying, not only the dolls, but toy sets, DVDs, and apparel.

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Empowering Children to Make Decisions

Kids can easily identify with these characters since each has its own unique personality.  They also send such a strong message of empowering children to make decisions in tough situations.  For instance, Tecna, who is a cute little fairy with pinkish short spunky hair, is extremely smart and loves technology.  She is always practical and logical, sometimes to a fault.  Tecna can have problems expressing her feelings and bases the majority of her decisions on logic. Yet she is truly nice and caring, even though she cannot always show it. But Bloom, who is the main character, is an escapist by nature and has a tendency to run away when she is confronted with tough situations, and can be impatient and stubborn. Yet despite her faults, has a heart of gold, and is always ready to fight for a good cause.

You can learn about all of these characters, and even watch videos of these dolls in action by visiting the Winx Club Deluxe on the page. Or better yet, you can check them out in person at your local Walmart!

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  1. I like the empowerment that the fairies embody. For too long little girls have been seen as arm candy, especially if they are pretty.

  2. I cant seem to get my daughter into the princess/fairy type stuff… not that im complaing! haha

  3. It’s great that there are fantasy dolls and merchandise out there that are good examples for children.

  4. My daughter loves the Winx show. If you actually watch the show you realize it is one of the better cartoons out ther. It really does have message to it. I am sure she will want the dolls.

  5. We like fantasy and fairies here–we’re not big cartoon watchers, but my daughters are imaginative and would love to do their room in a fairy theme. I’ll have to check these out at Wal-Mart!

  6. Hmm! The pictures of the characters (in this post) look like they are aimed at teenaged boys, not children. The dolls themselves are less sexual, but I would have to see the show before making a decision about it.

  7. Tinker Bell is my allTime favorite fairy..My kids grew up looking for them and their glorious laughter and mischief making..make believe help the imagination..That is childhood..Great job walmart

  8. I watched the show a bit when it first came out. I am happy to see that there are dolls that come from a show where the females are so strong.

  9. I love that such “tough” little feminine dolls are available. The kids see fairies everywhere nowadays and its great that they can play act with them too.

  10. Personally, I think they are dressed to immodestly. I wouldn’t purchase these dolls or allow my children to watch this show.

  11. Thanks for this opportunity, my 13 year old granddaughter has autism and loves fairies and princesses. She would love this line. Available in Canada?

  12. My daughter is older than the targeted age group but one thing that I don’t get is the pink and pastels that are always used for girls products…it suggests that pinks and soft colors are the only ones little girls like My daughter was a bright green and purple kind of girl (strong and unique) and I’m glad she was. I wish these companies would quit this gender color washing if that makes sense.

  13. My children have been out of the age for some time for this line. However, I have a one year old granddaughter and can’t wait for her to be old enough to enjoy the fairies. Fictional characters are much different today than they were when we and our children were young. It is nice that producers are putting forth characters that children can learn from and understand. Not that the Disney cartoons of the past didn’t have a message, but the characters and lessons weren’t as “deep.”
    Thanks for making me aware of this show and the products.

  14. I have always like the Winx characters. My only concern ws to make sure to explain that these were cartoon fairies and a little girl would/should not have such a figure.

  15. My granddaughter simply loves fairies. I like the fact that the Club has additional items to coordinate with the dolls. Thanks for the great idea, now I know what to get her for Christmas.

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