Nissan 370Z Chicago Auto Show

If you are into cars that are phenomenally sporty that can hug a turn like nothing you have ever seen, the Nissan 370Z is the car for you.  We first saw the Nissan 370Z (known as the Fairlady Z Z34 in Japan) at the Greater AL Auto Show in 2008.  The Nissan 370Z follows the 350Z and is the 6th car from Nissan in the Z series. I have a soft spot for the Nissan Z series cars as that is the car I learned to drive in back in the day!  If you were a fan of the 350Z, you will absolutely love the 370Z, which has been given a makeover from the 350Z in several areas.  The 370Z, which was offered for sale in June of 2012, has a 3.7L engine, a 7 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters or a 6 speed manual transmission.  The manual transmission has something the world has never seen; The SynchroRev Match, or the synchronized down shift rev-matching system. Basically this is a mechanical design that allows for smoother down and upshifting as well as improved handling.

Chicago Auto Show Nissan 370Z

The exterior of the 370Z is smaller and the car itself is made with more lightweight materials.  The door panels, hood and hatch are all made of aluminum and the front suspension has been improved.  The new design has very cool vertical LED day running lights, an 18” wheel design and two new colors (Magma Red and Midnight Blue) have been added.  I love how low to the ground the car sits and the shape of the new headlights are unlike anything I have ever seen.  The car has the look of a roadster that has been put on steroids!  The 370Z Coupe with the Sports Package has a spoiler on the back that you would be bragging about to your friends!  The lines are gorgeous, the spoiler on the back is a favorite feature for me and the slope from the top of the car down the back is just awesome.

Here are some of the highlights of the newest addition to the Z series:

The 370Z Coupe:

  • A base price of $33,120
  • 332 horsepower
  • 18” alloy wheels
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) bi-functional xenon headlights
  • Yokohama® ADVAN Sport® tires
  • Power outside mirrors and illuminated Z® side marker emblems
  • Nissan Intelligent Key® with Push Button Ignition
  • 8 standard air bags

370Z Coupe with Sports Package:

  • A base price of $36,150
  • Euro-tuned sport shocks
  • Nissan sport brakes
  • SynchroRev Match® (manual transmission)
  • 9″ RAYS® forged alloy wheels with Bridgestone® Potenza® high-performance tires
  • Rear spoiler in the car’s color

370Z Coupe Touring:

  • A base price of $37,820
  • Leather power heated seats with synthetic suede inserts
  • Driver’s adjustable lumbar support
  • Bose® audio system with 8 speakers
  • SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio
  • Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System
  • HomeLink® Universal Transceiver
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Aluminum-trimmed and rear cargo cover.

370Z Touring with Sports Package:

  • A base price of $40,850
  • Euro-tuned sport shocks
  • Nissan sport brakes
  • SynchroRev Match® (manual transmission)
  • 19″ RAYS® forged alloy wheels with Bridgestone Potenza high-performance tires
  • Rear spoiler of the body’s color

Nismo 370Z:

  • A base price of $43,020
  • 350-hp and 3.7-liter V6 engine
  • Dual exhaust
  • Nissan sport brakes
  • NISMO tuned suspension
  • NISMO body design with NISMO 19″ forged alloy wheels by RAYS®
  • Signature NISMO interior trim.

All I can say is that I am already dreaming of driving the sporty 370Z Coupe to the beach with my boys. Wind in my hair, music on the radio, feeling free! A girl can dream right?


  1. simply love my 2007 ShelbyGT 500. I like how that car starts at 500+ hp. This car is made by a legend Carroll Shelby.The Nizzan is nice but I sure enjoy dusting them. The Nizmo is more for road racing will the Shelby is drag or street,also road. Now talk about a Nissan how about the GTR? The GTR is so expesive.

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