No Contract Cell Phone Plans That Give Back

Now that it is back to school time, you may have kids who are ready for their own phone. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with having a cell phone, so the decision is a big one. For many families, the decision to allow their child to have a cell phone depends on how often the child will need the phone. Of course, all teens will want the phone, but how many actually need one? If you have a teen that is active in many clubs and activities, a cell phone is probably a logical idea. If you have events that are at locations away from the school, you may not have access to a telephone. This is when a cell phone would be a safety item as well as one of convenience. If you are toying with the idea for your child, you may want to consider no contract cell phone plans. One plan that is gaining popularity is that from GIV Mobile, where a portion of your monthly payment is given to the charity of your choice.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans

If you are unfamiliar with no contract cell phone plans, they are quite easy to navigate. With GIV Mobile, you get to choose from three budget friendly unlimited no contract plans. These plans can be used with a GIV Mobile phone or you can use your own unlocked mobile phone. You can choose from:

  • $30/month Unlimited Everything: Talk, text, MMS, International text and web with 1GB of high speed data on all 4G LTE enabled phones and smartphones.
  • $40/month Unlimited Everything: Talk, text, MMS, International text and web 2GB of high speed data on all 4G LTE enabled phones and smartphones.
  • $60/month Unlimited Everything: Talk, text, MMS, International text and web with 10GB of high speed data on all 4G LTE enabled phones and smartphones.

One you have chosen your plan, you can choose up to 3 charities from 8 categories that you can delegate to receive your monthly donation. GIV Mobile will give up to 8% of your monthly unlimited plan fee, for a total of up to $50 per year to 1-2 of the charities of your choice. You can choose from the following categories and charities:

  1. Animal Welfare: The Humane Society
  2. Arts, Culture & Humanity: The Conservation Fund
  3. Education: Kids in Need Foundation, Scholarship America.
  4. Environment: American Forests
  5. Health: Alzheimer’s Association, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
  6. Human Services: Mercy Housing

GIV Mobile is one of the first in the industry of no contract wireless services. They are the first company to give a portion of their monthly “Unlimited Everything” plan to charity. Save Money, Save The World is the message that they are trying to spread. It is nice to be first to be innovative but it is awesome to be the first to give back in such a great way. With so many charities to choose from, there is sure to be something for every GIV Mobile customer.

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  1. Its great to see a phone service that gives back to the community. with all the prices constantly rising all the time its good to know that some of that is going back to things you care about.

  2. The unlimited plans are perfect for me as I do not use a lot of Data but I need the texting and talk. I also am so impressed about the charity donations . In a Word AWESOME

  3. The charities and categories all need support so it would be difficult to choose just one or two to support.

  4. How wonderful to see a company that gives to charity, as part of their mission! I like alsothat you can choose which charities you want to support.

  5. I like the no contract plans and thats what I would have. Like the idea of the money for charity. Great idea for children as it is for older people. As I get older I now am in need of a cell phone as I’ve never had one. I would only go with the no contract. So great to see a company that will give to a charity and I am for that 100%. Thank you so much for a chance to win.

  6. I am currently using a no contract plan and it works great. But that being said, I would much rather use this plan knowing they donate to good causes. The Human Society would be my choice.

  7. It seems that all the kids at school have cell phones now starting from a very early age. A no contract cell phone is a good option for getting a phone for each of the kids.

  8. Love the no contract and unlimited everything. They could really hit the ball out of the park if the could lower the monthly costs.

  9. Thats actually a good plan. I’ve always avoided no contract plans, had no idea there was some pretty good plans out there. The unlimited everything 2 gb is great, and +1 for picking a charity of our choice!

  10. This seems to be a good option for my teenage son. I don’t want to pay a lot and be stuck in a contract.

  11. This phone and especially these plans sound very interesting. We’ve been looking to change our phone supplier and we’re looking for a plan with no contract. I’m really interested in the $30 plan

  12. I like the charitable giving! Nice. I like NO contracts- I think it could save me money. I do not have a smart phone yet. Only an older cell phone, on someone else’s plan, for emergencies only. Hope I win.

  13. I like the no contract plans, it’s great if you’re not sure you want to commit to a long term contract.

  14. My mother has been looking for a good no contract plan and I like that money will be given to charities every month

  15. I think its wonderful that GIV Mobile gives 8% of your monthly plan fee to charity. It’s not too often you see the Environment listed in Charities to give to – however, all of the charities listed are worthy charities.

  16. These no contracts are perfect for my family. I have a daughter heading into 8th grade. All I hear is mom all my friends are getting a phone. Save me any overage fees!!!

  17. I like that there is no contract and I can pick a plan that’s right for me or my other family members by phone.

  18. I love the variety of the plans and that you can choose from 3 charities that you can delegate to receive your monthly donation!

  19. I like that the company donates 8% of your monthly plan to the charities you choose. As for the phone, I love that it has the Photo Sphere camera.

  20. I love that they are a company that gives back That to me says a lot about the integrity of the company.


  21. I love that my favorite charity, Autism Speaks, gets a portion of my money. My nephew has autism an this cause is near to my heart.

  22. I love that this services helps you give back….makes you feel good knowing your making a difference!

  23. My favorite feature isn’t a feature but the phone; the Google Nexus LG 4. My phone is a dinosaur but I am not in a financial position to allow my ego to dictate my phone, but on the inside I am really a bit envious of all those touch screen phones and internet access on the go. So, it’s the phone as a whole for my answer, although the charity part is a given!

  24. I like the fact that GivMobile is a prepaid cell plan with low prices, good coverage, that does good by giving to charity.

  25. My favorite features are unlimited everything and that they donate 8%of your monthly plan to charity. This sounds like a wonderful company. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!!

  26. I love that they give a % of your monthly plan cost to a charity!! That is a new on and really great!!

  27. That I wouldn’t just be paying for cell phone service, but that my money would also go in part to cause(s) I hold near and dear.

  28. Favorite feature would have to be the camera! I love taking pictures like for everything. I currently have a horrible camera on an old Samsung flip phone that me and the hubby share. It’s one of the worse camera’s I’ve ever seen on a phone with blurry pics every time and horrible zoom. I no longer have a digital camera, so this is why it would be my favorite feature especially reading what you wrote above about how awesome the camera is!

  29. I like that they give 8% to charity and that you get to choose from the list of charities which one you would like it to go to.

  30. My fav GivMobile feature is the reasonably priced $50 Unlimited Plan and they still support worthwhile charitable organizations – makes ya wonder about the other guys……..

  31. Mt favorite feature is that they socially conscious: they actually donate part of their proceeds to charity. The LORD has commanded us to give charity and to love one another. This is one way of literally putting your money where your mouth is.

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