We’ve all grown up in a time when smoking has been enduring some bad press. Not all of it is undeserved. Everybody knows that smoking 50 cigarettes a day for 30 years will give you lung cancer, right? The idea has been drilled into our skulls. Some of us are old enough to remember days when everybody smoked, and smoked pretty much everywhere. Today, you can’t smoke in restaurants and most bars. You can’t smoke in public places where the smoke could reach an innocent’s pure, pink lungs. And anywhere you are seen smoking, you may feel the quiet wrath of passersby judging your choice to enjoy nicotine.

You may have reasons of your own to quit, and you may have tried. But like 17% of American adults, you still smoke. That’s about 40,000,000 people. You’re certainly not alone. Even though young people smoke less than their parents and grandparents, smoking is clearly not going to go away. And even if it becomes less popular, which some people doubt will ever happen, it’s not going to do so very quickly. If you are conflicted about the role of tobacco in your life, maybe quitting isn’t the thing to do. Maybe you need to change the way you smoke.

Even among committed smokers, American smokers are smoking less. While some people still churn through cigarettes, this way of smoking is going out of style, and for good reason. And despite the hysteria that surrounds smoking, some people manage to enjoy tobacco without having any negative health side effects whatsoever. For people who love smoking, maybe it’s time to develop a healthy relationship with tobacco rather than giving it up cold turkey.

It’s time to reinvestigate old fashioned smoking methods, as well as new innovations. Vaporizers have become extremely popular, and even though there are battles about where and when vapers can vape them, they are undeniably more healthy than smoking the equivalent cubic volume of smoke from cigarettes. Older modes of tobacco consumption are also gaining renewed relevance. We’re talking about cigars, pipes, snuff, and smokeless tobacco options. ACID cigars will most certainly give you all the buzz and flavor or a great cigarette (and more), cigars aren’t nearly as dangerous as cigarettes simply because they are smoked less deeply and much less often.

Americans are used to doing all kinds of things that aren’t “healthy”, but aren’t unhealthy either. Think about the last pepperoni pizza you enjoyed. It was delicious. You ate it without guilt and with great relish. You plan to do so many more times in your life. That’s an appropriate, healthy relationship with a pepperoni pizza. What we need as Americans is to cultivate the same kind of relationship with tobacco. There’s no point in hating ourselves or judging others for using tobacco. Instead, we should be celebrating tobacco’s benefits, and developing a healthy culture of its proper use, one that millions of people have already been practicing for thousands of years. Why not try it yourself?