The reason why I love flexibility in my job

I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to technology and way of communicating with the world. I love my job is because it is largely remote allowing me the freedom to travel and to work when I want to. While other people are mad at long lines and rush hour traffic, I am blessed with a few minutes of work time! I can clear out my inbox while waiting in the car line at the school. I am hugely dependent on and thankful for my slew of Samsung devices I’ve owned over the years. I love how they are always one step ahead in their technology always prompting an, Oh! I want that!”

Fingerprint technology Samsung Galaxy s5

Like the Fingerprint scanning technology! Now I can lock my phone with the touch of my finger, literally! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you can register up to 3 fingerprints per device. I was always afraid to do my banking information on my phone with services like Paypal, but you can integrate the fingerprint technology into that as well. I would have imagined using the fingerprint password mostly to keep my kids out of my phone.

I have a 21, 4, and 6 year old who are all as tech curious as I ever was. A cool gadget like a Samsung Galaxy 5 is just an invitation to touch. I like my kids to be tech savvy and encourage them to learn and fiddle around with devices. In my family exploration is the best route to learning everything a device can do. However, your device can soon look like this!

My Kid Cluttered Samsung Note 3
My Kid Cluttered Samsung Note 3

Introducing the Next Big Thing: Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Has Kid Mode

Samsung Galaxy s5 Kids Mode home screen

Kids Mode is like setting up a guest account for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy s5 Kids Mode

It allows the guest (your kids) to only access the content you put in their account.

Samsung Galaxy s5 Kids Mode

This serves two purposes for me. It keeps my kids from calling China, and it keeps my home screens clear from those crazy kids games! The content and time can be limited to the account by the main user.

Samsung Galaxy s5 Kids Mode

Interested on learning more? Here you can find out more information on the Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode.

The most welcomed feature comes with Galaxy S5 kids mode is the Kids Store. You can shop free or paid apps for your kids. Apps in Kids Store are screened by Samsung to make sure they are suitable for young kids.It sounds trivial, but neither Google Play store nor Amazon Appstore for Android has provided a dedicated collection of  apps for young kids.

Can I tell you how awesome this is? My kids are forever asking me to download new games for them, but in order to get to them, I have to weed through a ton of stuff not relevant to their age group. While everyone loves Angry Birds…there are better apps out there for 4 & 6-year-olds. My son’s favorite is the drawing app.