NuMe Flat Irons

I had just mentioned NuMe Flat Irons, and I was thrilled when contacted by NuMe to review one of their products. What girl doesn’t enjoy some great looking curls every now and then? I love switching my hair up between pulling it straight and putting in curls. My hair is naturally (without product and heat) in-between curly and wavy. I decided to test out their brand spanking new 4-Play styling wand.

The 4-Play is 4 different curling wands in one. Whether you are in the mood for big curls or little curls, the 4-play is the perfect curling wand. How is it possible to have 4 different curling wands in one, you may ask. The 4-Play has interchangeable curling wards. The 4 easy-to-change wands all connect to the same wand base. The wand base has a ergonomic design making it easy to hold and makes styling easy. The temperature control of the 4-Play is digital. I love this feature because it informs you of the exact temperature, even as it is quickly heating up. With the 4-Play you are able to adjust the heat, making it the right temperature for your hair. All four of the curling wands have tourmaline-infused ceramic plates that prevent dry and damaged hair.

The day my 4-Play arrived, I decided to try the 13mm to 9mm curl. To be honest, I was really nervous about using a wand. I have never used one before, just a “normal” curling iron. I thought for sure I would burn myself. But thankfully the 4-Play comes with a heat resistant glove so my fingers were safe. The curls turned out amazing! I looked like my hair was naturally “tight” curled. I loved it! I have now used all three of the other wands:19mm, 25mm, and 32mm and loved the look they produced! Way better then my curling iron has ever done!

NuMe is top of the market when it comes to styling tools, hair extensions, hair care, and even accessories for your hair. I was so impressed the all of NuMe styling tools. They have stylish colors and fun designs on most of their styling tools making hair styling fun! NuMe creates products that help a women enhance their beauty and style!

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