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Nutrisystem has helped me to fuel my goals, my greatness and an overall better me. I have been on the program off and on for a few years. I used it initially to lose the baby weight from my last child and most recently, to lose the last stubborn 15 pounds I gave up on losing the first time! Nutrisystem has been the only program I could really stick to and follow for any length of time. I think because the plan is really so simple and has been created for you to succeed. The meals are easy to prepare, but they don’t taste like fast food. Some of the dinners are even prepared by world renowned chefs. Because the food is so delicious, you do not feel like you are depriving yourself from the things you love. Half of the time I do not even realize I am dieting.

By watching my weight and the types of food that go into my mouth, I am able to meet my weight loss goals. Since I started this journey, I set 125 as my goal. I am only 7 pounds away! Fitting into clothes you have not been able to wear in awhile is such an awesome feeling. Having energy to play with my kids is even better! I feel good about myself. I am more confident in my appearance. I know I will be able to reach my goal. This translates into every aspect of my life: with my family, my job, and my social life. What fuels your goals? What fuels your greatness? You can learn more by following the hashtag on Twitter: #FuelABetterYou.

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