• Subject: Noah; written by Jen (dictated by Noah–ya know he wasn’t typing this himself!)
  • Start weight: 310
  • End weight:  305.6
  • What are your Favorite Foods Noah?: All the food tastes good. I can eat it all. The only thing I don’t like is those things you “say” are Doritos (nacho chips) They aren’t. You can’t fool me. (I tried. LOL)
  • What are your Favorite Foods to Supplement with?: Everything I can’t eat. Oh, you mean like what you feed me? The cheetos that aren’t cheetos. Oh, not the Nutrisystem provided food? I don’t know Jen, what ever you cook. I am watching TV. (sigh)
  • What is your Go to recipe?: Really Jen? You cook. (Well, you will cook for yourself when you are on the truck…) You already would have made it. So you answer. (Sigh) Fine, eggs.
  • What are the things you would do different?: Do not let your wife talk you into answering one zillion questions while you are watching TV.
  • What is your overall impression?: Brief. (What does that mean?) I mean it is brief. It has been one week. It is fine.
  • What are your contributing Factors to weight loss?: That is a dumb question Jen. I am on a diet. so, I am losing weight. (men…)
*** Men are difficult. He is going on the road next week taking his Nutrisystem diet with him to eat on the truck. I prepared his days in advance so he can follow along fairly easy. He is supposed to record what he eats in his book. We will see. I will still call him and see what is really going on LOL. I love I can write the truth cause he doesn’t read my blog! LOL. Happy note! It is WORKING!

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