Nutrisystem – Week 3 – Getting Easier

Here I am at the start of week 3 on Nutrisystem and it is getting easier.  I really struggled the first two weeks with some issues that took years to acquire.  I am a stress/emotional eater, so every time I am upset, worried or bored, I eat and eat and eat.  I have an addictive/obsessive personality, so it is incredibly easy to get hooked on something and incredibly difficult to stop.  I have tried for years to change these habits and have not had any success.  I know I need to stop letting my emotions dictate what I put in my mouth, but how do I do that?  Although I was bingeing less, I still had nights that I gave in and I am so disappointed in myself.  What scares me is my 13 year old daughter is already showing signs that she may follow in my footsteps, so I have got to get on top of this before it is too late for her.  If I hate my body so much that it brings me to tears and I can’t look into a mirror because I don’t recognize the person looking back at me, why do I continue to binge?  I can’t answer that.  I guess when I find the answer; I will finally conquer this and be the healthy person I want to be.

I have found more foods that were very tasty and less that aren’t.  I think much of the trouble I had with the food the first week was getting used to the density of many of them.  I have not been one to eat a lot of fiber, drink water or do the sugar free thing, so this has been an adjustment.  I really love the pancakes and even the sugar free syrup was good.  I am thinking my taste buds are changing so the things I didn’t like before, taste good now.  My challenge for this upcoming week is going to be two-fold; what I add to my food and exercise.  I am turning 50 soon and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be.  I will not be as successful with this program if I don’t exercise.  With my back injury, it has been impossible to even walk let alone exercise.  My goal is to take baby steps to get back into a walking routine.  Even 10 minutes a day is better than what I have been doing.  Until next week…

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  1. I am following your progress with nutrisystem. I hope you do well! Glad you are over that beginning hump. As a felloe blogger I would love to be able to contact them by email. Do you have a contact address you can share?

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