Nutrisystem Week 6 – Getting Better

I wasn’t sure I would say this, but the Nutrisystem food is getting better and it is getting easier to stop from cheating.  I am enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables I am to add into my program.  When my daughter was here, she and I had stir fried vegetables both nights.   We had fun talking as we cut vegetables and cooked them.  There is something therapeutic about cutting vegetables, trying to get them even and uniform!  I forgot how much I actually liked eating fresh food.  I am lazy by nature so it has a lot to do with the exertion it takes to prepare a healthy meal!!  I never had a problem choosing to bake my chicken instead of frying it, but I would much rather eat two pieces of chicken instead of cutting a bunch of veggies!!  My husband loves fresh vegetables, so he has benefited from my being on Nutrisystem.  My kids still think it is funny that I eat something different than they do and they keep asking me if my food is as good as theirs!  Well, it depends on what I am eating at the time!!  If they are eating pizza or ravioli, I can honestly say yes, it is as good.  I am addicted to the pizza and the ravioli dishes from Nutrisystem.  Very yummy.  So far I am down 7.5 pounds in 6 weeks.  The next paragraph contains brutal honesty, so enter at your own risk!  Please take a moment to like Nutrisystem on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest scoop.

I want to make sure that you understand that anything negative I say is about my old habits and not the Nutrisystem program.  I was told by my mentor not to beat myself up over not losing a gazillion pounds in my first week.  You see, I have another secret to tell you.  I binge eat, so there is more to my losing weight than the food I eat.  It’s mental as well as physical.  I knew I was chosen for the Nutrisystem Blogger Outreach about 3 weeks before I was able to start.  In those 3 weeks, I ate (I cannot believe I am about to admit this) an 8 count box of Kroger brand Nutty Bar ice cream cones every day for 21 days.  I gained 10 pounds in that time period and I didn’t care because I had convinced myself I would lose it all the first week on Nutrisystem! No, I really did.  I am scared to be honest with you.  I am scared I can’t do this.  I am one of those people who rarely have anything really great happen to them and I have convinced myself I don’t deserve this opportunity.  Yes, I need it desperately, but I don’t think I deserve to be on it.  I do this to myself and have been for about 40 years now.  Since I was about 8, I had parents who were distant from me and told me they never meant to have me.  When you hear it enough, sadly, you believe it.  Now I need to figure out how to change that about myself because my success is directly tied to that happening for me.  I need to start walking again and I need to stop eating late at night.  If you pray, I could use them!!  Until next week…

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