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Nutrisystem Week 7 – Let’s Talk About Breakfast! #NSNation

Nutrisystem Week 7 – Let’s Talk About Breakfast!

It is the start of week 7 and I am down 8 pounds so far!!  Yay!! I wonder if you would be as surprised as I was when I saw several of the Nutrisystem products are available to you!  I could not believe it!  There are several choices that cover several categories, so you really have a lot of flexibility with your meal plan. I think that is probably to most surprising thing for me, was how flexible your plan can be.  For some reason, I thought they chose all the food for you, but they don’t at all!  Of course, if you have dietary restrictions, you have a nutritionist that can help you design a program that will fall within your diet.  I think that is important to know that you are able to choose enough of a variety that no matter what your restrictions, you will be pleased with your plan.  You can see what Nutrisystem is all about by visiting them on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

When you order your food for the month, you have a list of a ton of foods to pick from.  For instance, I have a spreadsheet for each meal as well as a sheet for desserts.  I like to mix up my breakfast choices so that I can cook or heat up something or if I am on the run, there are several breakfast bars I can grab. One of my favorite breakfast bars is the Cinnamon Bun Bar that tastes just like a yummy cinnamon bun!  Another favorite is the chocolate muffin.  I think my favorite breakfast would be the veggie omelet.  This is delicious and I will add some onions or mushrooms from the grocery store to add some bulk to the meal.  I really do stay full until lunch.  Another favorite for me is the French toast.  I add a spritz of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and a table spoon of the sugar/fat free maple syrup from the grocery store and it is delicious.  I will tell you it took a few meals to get used to the sugar/fat free items that I have switched to.  I was using the fully loaded condiments and you can’t use those and be very successful on your plan.  Also, the spritz butter is so great for this plan.  I was one who would slap some butter on a plate and sometimes get seconds!  The spritz has virtually no calories or fat and with using just 2-3 sprays, I am well within my program!

Next week, let’s talk about lunch! Until then…

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I am receiving the Nutrisystem program complimentary in exchange for my reviews.

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