Nutrisystem - Week 9

Nutrisystem Week 9– Portion Control –  #NSNation

First things first….I am on week 9 and have lost 10 pounds!!  I am very excited to see the scale smile at me with those numbers that keep getting lower each week!!  Seeing I was down by that amount, it has given me the boost I needed to stick with the plan.

When you are on the Nutrisystem food plan, 75% of what you need is given to you in two boxes each month.  Within those boxes, you will receive a really large variety of foods, powdered protein drink packs and your journal.  I wonder what folks imagine the Nutrisystem plan will be like before they start.  For myself, I thought I would get a miracle in a box and I was excused from any input.  Um…wrong!!  Yes, the meals are prepared for you, but you must be responsible for the other components of the program.  With your first box, you receive a great drink bottle that is 32 ounces, and you know you need to finish two in order to get your water for the day.  You also are allowed to incorporate fresh grocery items into your food plan.  When you are adding in these items, you must use portion control.  If you choose to have the Nutrisystem char broiled hamburger patty, you are allowed to add a multigrain bun, or the equivalent.  When I first started on the Nutrisystem plan, I went to the grocery store and took my time comparing several items.  Let’s take bread for instance.  There are a ton of different breads out there and they are all over the map when it comes to calories, fat grams, etc.  I like the Nature’s Own thin sliced multi grain rounds.  For me, these are the best tasting that fit into my program.  Another area I need to watch is my milk.  I LOVE milk and could drink 2-3 glasses in a day.  When I started on the program, initially, I was pouring myself 1-2 glasses of skim milk per day and put it in my food journal as a “power fuel”.  I never even thought to check the calories and fat content.  Even in skim milk you are looking at about 80 calories per serving and about 3 fat grams.  If you have a large glass of milk, you are drinking somewhere around 200 calories.  If you do that twice in a day, you are taking in almost 500 additional calories.  Once I realized what I was doing, I was then measuring one serving per day, which fit well within my parameters of the program.  If you are able to practice portion control now, you are preparing yourself for success once you move onto the maintenance program. You can keep up to date with what’s new with Nutrisystem by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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  1. It’s insane how many calories milk has. Really! Most diet programs still recommend at least a glass a day because the calcium content is really good for you.

    And great job on the 10 pound loss!

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