I have two rough and tumble boys who are constantly on the go. If the weather permits, they love to be outside playing in the yard or riding in their “orange rocket ship” to and from school. When they are inside on those rare Florida days when it rains, they love to watch a favorite cartoon: The Octonauts. If you are not familiar with these underwater cuties, I will give you a brief summary. The show originated in Britain and is based on a series of children’s books written for American and Canadian audiences.


The Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the sea to discover new underwater worlds. The team has two main missions; to protect the ocean and to rescue underwater creatures in need of assistance. There are eight Octonauts who live under the sea in their Octopod and cruise the sea in their many aquatic vehicles. There is Captain Barnacles Bear, Kwazii Kitten, Peso Penguin is the team medic and Dashi Dog is the resident IT person. To bring up the rear of the clan, you have Tweak Bunny who is the team engineer that keeps everything running smoothly and last but not least is Shellington Sea Otter the scientist.


Fun Bath Time Toys

Much to the delight of children everywhere, you can purchase Octonauts play figures and play sets. My family recently received some of the Octonauts figures as well as some of their cool underwater equipment and vehicles. It is fun to see how quickly a child will volunteer for a bath when they have a new toy to take in the water with them! My boys had a wonderful time with their fun bath time toys. Mason loved playing with Kwazii Kitten and her beloved Gup-B whose jaw opens and closes and squirts water. Jakobi had a blast playing with his Gup-D which is piloted by Captain Barnacles Bear who is searching for a stingray to catch in his net. The toys are very well made and were designed to be played with in the water, so bath time can be fun time every night!


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