A lot of my friends have laughed at me when I say I use cloth diapers. I’m such a clean freak that it comes as a surprise/ shock to many people. What most people don’t know is that cloth diapers aren’t gross and keep my daughter’s bum healthier then any disposable diaper. They also are a fun way to add style into my daughters attire. With 12 different fun color’s to choose from, Oh Katy One-Size Pocket Diapers are one of the best cloth diapers on the market (not just for style) and I was sent one for review.

My daughter Paige (16months) received the Oh Katy One-Size Pocket Diaper in the color bluebird. I loved the bluebird color because it was a fun bright-blue that can be used for a girl or boy. I have several cloth diapers but never have tried a one-size diaper. I have always thought that a one size cloth diaper wouldn’t fit as good as a “sized” diaper. Oh Katy’s One-Size Pocket Diaper has proven my theory wrong. I was absolutely thrilled with this diaper and would say it’s now my favorite brand! The snaps allow me to size the diaper to fit Paige perfectly! I love the snaps; my daughter Paige has figured out how to take a velcro diaper off so snaps are the only way to go in our house. The Oh Katy diaper comes with two inserts. The size of one of the inserts can be adjusted by snaps located on the insert. It then slides inside between the shell and liner of the diaper. There is a flap/ pocket to ensure the insert stay’s put. I absolutely LOVE this feature. There are so many times, in other diapers, where the insert starts to slid out; drives me crazy. The second insert can be laid in the diaper for quick changes of a newborn or can be added for extra absorbency. The Oh Katy diaper is a all-in-one. There is no cover needed because the diaper has a waterproof shell made with a very soft micro-fleece material in the inside. My daughter has very sensitive skin and this material is perfect for her. Another great feature about the Oh Katy diaper, that I have never seen before on a cloth diaper, is the unique snap fold for after the baby has solid the diaper. It folds up and snaps together so that messes don’t escape. There have been several times I have been without a wet bag in public. No worries with the Oh Katy diaper! This diaper truly is amazing!

“Saving the earth just got easier” with Oh Katy One-Size Pocket Diaper. To purchase a One-Size Pocket Diaper they are sold on the Oh Katy website for $17.95 or you can search the Oh Katy website for your closest retailer. A big thanks to Oh Katy for making my life a little easier as a mom.
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